DGR: News Items. Deep Dump Idea Sucks

** Note on Aug. 14/15: Beyond Nuclear page here has info on the Aug. 16th rally in Port Huron, as well as on legal action being taken by a Michigan Senator. DGR = Deep Geologic Repository. The idea the nuclear industry has to bury nuke waste right beside Lake Huron.

The federally-appointed Joint Review Panel (JRP) came out with its decision on Wednesday, May 6th, to approve the industry plan to bury nuke waste right beside the Great Lakes, drinking water source for some 40 million souls (& bodies!) on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border. The JRP's Environmental Assessment report is here.

Millions of us do NOT think this is a good idea.

Fact: There are now 155 160 168 resolutions representing 21 million people opposing OPG Proposed Nuclear Waste Dump (go to Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump site for more on this)

In fact, lots of us call this really bad idea a DUD (deep underground dump).

Opposition on the U.S. side is huge, vocal & growing.

This posting is really just to provide a list of recent media items -- all published in the past week, either just before the May 6th decision, or in the days since.

TONS more info about the nuke dump plan:


N.B: a more comprehensive media hits compilation on the Beyond Nuclear site, here!

& here

+++: 100 groups sign on to a letter to the Ontario Premier to say the DGR plan must not move ahead.


List starts with the oldest items; scroll down for the most recent.

May 3 Toronto Star -- Is a Kincardine deep geological repository the solution for nuclear waste?

May 3 Toronto Star -- What nuclear waste would be stored in Kincardine?

May 6 Toronto Star -- Kincardine nuclear waste site gets federal seal of approval

May 6 CTV News -- Burying nuclear waste near Lake Huron safest option, panel concludes

May 6  London, CTV News -- Panel recommends moving forward with nuclear waste burial near Lake Huron

May 6 AP (Traverse City, Michigan) -- Panel backs plan for nuclear waste disposal near Lake Huron

May 7  Owen Sound Sun Times -- SON opposes DGR recommendation

May 7  CBC -- Nuclear waste: 5 things to know about the Lake Huron bunker project

May 7  Sarnia Observer -- More communities expected to join fight to stop nuclear waste repository near Kincardine

May 7  Sarnia Observer -- First Nations not sold on plan to bury waste near Lake Huron

May 7  Times Herald [Port Huron, Michigan] -- Plans for lakeside nuke dump advance despite opposition

May 7  Detroit Free Press Panel OKs radioactive waste site near Lake Huron

May 8 Blackburn News.com -- Saugeen First Nations Prepared To Fight Proposed Nuclear Waste Repository At Bruce Power

May 8  The Detroit News -- Mich. leaders slap report backing nuke waste near lake

May 8  The Mining Journal -- Benishek opposes nuclear waste storage plan

May 8  Fox News -- Nuclear option: US critics balk at Canadian plan to bury radioactive waste near Lake Huron

May 8  Rabble.ca -- See you at the ribbon cutting? Federal panel approves nuclear dump on Lake Huron

May 9 Voice News (Michigan) -- Panel: Nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron is 'preferred option'

May 14 Lfppress.com -- Great Lake mayors pan deep-burial nuclear waste option

May 14 Blackburn News -- Premier Asked To Cancel Proposed Nuclear Waste Burial At Bruce Power

May 15 London Free Press -- Why not in our backyard?

June 7 Globe & Mail -- Decision on Lake Huron nuclear waste facility delayed until after election

June 12 The Canadian Press Burial of nuclear waste near Lake Huron subject of legal action


++++ Statements From U.S. Politicians

May 7 - Statement from Congressman Kildee (Michigan's 5th District)

“I am disappointed in the Joint Review Panel’s report, which is fundamentally flawed in several ways."

May 7 - Senator Gary Peters (U.S. Senator for Michigan)

Proposed Nuclear Dump Site Threatens Great Lakes

May 22 - Senator Kirk Urges President to Halt Canadian Proposal to Store Nuclear Waste Near Great Lakes

** be sure to check out Beyond Nuclear's page on this!! There is a LOT of buzz on this topic, to be sure!


'Quote of the day' with this post: “This “out of sight, out of mind” mentality must end. We can’t continue to dump garbage into the oceans, waterways and air or bury it in the ground and hope it will disappear. If we can’t find better ways to use or at least reduce waste products, we must stop producing them. In the meantime, this project must be halted. The Great Lakes are already threatened by pollution, agricultural runoff, invasive species, climate change and more. We can’t afford to add the risk of radioactive contamination to one of the world’s largest sources of fresh water.” – David Suzuki on DGR project in July 2014. [more DGR quotes & older postings/media items here]

** tons of great nuke quotes gathered up here!