Chernobyl: 29 years -- It’s the WASTE, Stupid!

<a rant on April 26, 2015, the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster>  

It’s the waste, Stupid!

That’s what we’ve been telling those deaf & evil purveyors of nuclear filth for decades now.


but their ears are shut

their eyes shuttered

their minds encased in lead


their hearts made of stone.


And it is about the waste, Stupid


But it’s not JUST about the waste

('though there are 70 years of it piled up all over this still-beautiful, now so very-very badly-damaged Earth)


piled up on the ground

under the ground

in the oceans

being incinerated

(yes, it’s true; sickening, sickening, but true)


Oh yes.

It is everywhere.


But it isn’t JUST the waste


It’s also the “routine” “allowable” emissions from nuclear plants

Bucketfuls of them


From every nuke facility on the planet

all belching & breathing their toxic fumes & poisons

(nuclear poisons are Legion)


into the air

into the water

into the soil


into the ground

into the animals

& the plants

into the humans


into our very genes

dear human.


Yes. That’s how insidious it is.


I live near very beautiful (long since no longer pristine, but yes, still beautiful) Lake Ontario

which an acquaintance of mine refers to as a tritium dump

& of course he is not wrong about that.


So it’s not just about the waste

& it's not just about the emissions, either


It’s actually REALLY all about the weapons

in actual fact

the weapons the military-industrial complex delights in

  • constructing
  • selling
  • circulating


(of course they care not a whit to whom)


‘cos what it’s REALLY all about

of course of course of course

is the money, honey


(well, that & the power)


So it’s not just about the waste

the so-called “routine” emissions

the weapons

& the money (vaaaaaast fortunes, beyond most people’s imagining, even)


It’s about the corruption of everything & everyone this sick insidious monster touches & pollutes

at every step along the way

(“ordinary” people duped in ways they cannot likely even begin to imagine)


& it isn’t just the corruption, it’s the collusion among governments & industry, & everything & everyone who winds up stuck in the vast global spiderweb of lies


& then of course there are the sicknesses & cancers

& the damaged DNA to be passed along as some kind of sick “legacy” from one generation to the next


& the waste


Ah, here we are again!

we have circled back inevitably to the waste…

the waste that none of us can now escape

because it is Legion, & it is everywhere







all around us.




There is, I am afraid, Dear Reader, no handsome dashing prince

& beautiful white stallion upon which he rides

to capture his beautiful princess

& carry her away to some beautiful “castle in the sky”

somewhere out among the clouds.


So sorry!


So sorry

So sorry

So very very very sorry…




Very very very sorry indeed…


More than you can probably even imagine!


:( :( :( :(


p.s. but I'm not bitter. Heh heh. Okay, okay; maybe I am just a little bitter. There's kind of a lot to be bitter about, when it comes to nukes. It's actually enough to break your heart, & that's the truth...


p.p.s. but do read this Declaration of the World Uranium Symposium 2015.

Contemplate ... sign ... circulate!


There is really not much hope left to speak of … but there is still solidarity! & solidarity is nothing to sneeze at, let me tell you.

I would not lie to you.


p.p.p.s. if this post was not "enough" for you, have a gander at this one too. Many very useful links therein.


'Quote of the day' with this post: “Chernobyl is a word we would all like to erase from our memory. But more than seven million of our fellow human beings do not have the luxury of forgetting. They are still suffering, every day, as a result of what happened…The exact number of victims can never be known.” – former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

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