Hope (again)

(It keeps coming up...)  

You know, I’ve said it before


Hope doesn’t have any legs.


It’s like a bowl of limp spaghetti


Lying around in a bowl.



I’d say hope doesn’t have any heart, either.



For sure, no balls.



This morning, as I walked by the lake


I didn’t hope all those bits of plastic wouldn’t end up in the lake.



I made damn sure they were disposed of properly.




Action’s gonna trump hope every time in my little world….



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  • G.K. Chesterton quote: “Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate.”
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** the only way in which I can be said to have hope is by that G.K. Chesterton definition, above. & let's be honest, I am not always able to be cheerful. Though I do try... :)

p.s. ages later: a relevant quotation about hope:

“If you need to feel hope, you’re courting despair, and if you court despair you will stop working. So try to wean yourself from this need to have hope. Try to have faith instead, to do what you can, and stop worrying about whether or not you’re effective...Worry about what is possible for you to do, which is always greater than you imagine.” - Oscar Romero