Good Call, McNeill! (take 2)

<Feb. 4/15> (Take 1 here)

So. Been feeling pretty low.

Spirits not great. :(

Body not feeling great either. Getting sick, maybe??

Could just be the “February bleahs.” I live in a cold & snowy country. In a big city. These things do not always go together nicely … you know?? Much as I do love living in Toronto these daze.

Could be existential angst/dread, which those of us who’ve grudgingly come to the conclusion that our species is in imminent danger of checking out, tend to suffer from somewhat routinely?? (** see below)


I draggggged myself out for a walk (trust me; I did have to drag myself)

Though this day has arsenic written all over it.

Ugh. Ugh, ugh, ugh.


Quel UGGly day.

Gray. Dreary. Wet. Slushy.

Leg is not happy. More unhappy than usual.


But I pushed myself.

Pep-talking myself all the way.


Good work, McNeill!


Keep going!


& pretty soon, my legs are doing their happy-legs-walking thing, & I have a very fine walk indeed – arsenic day be damned!


So. Good work, McNeill.






p.s. I’d put my canoe earrings in, too. That may have helped!

p.p.s. day at a time … day at a time … day at a time…

One foot in front of the other…


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