Walking Cure? What FOR?

<Jan. 25/15> So, I’m always writing about walking – &, recently, the “walking cure.”

This morning on my (very badly-needed) walk, it occurred to me I ought to provide an answer to the question

WHAT exactly does walking cure?

& here is what I came up with:

  • anxiety/worries
  • existential dread/angst
  • obsession with a particular exceedingly thorny problem or challenge ... which is why I went for a particularly LONG walk this morning :(
  • pettiness (I think; it works for me, anyway)
  • anger/bitchiness


I’m not saying it cures any of those things FOREVER…

You have to renew the medicine daily.

But it sure as shootin’ does work wonders.

It really, really does.


(I am not making this up!)


Janet :)


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