New Blog Sections Alert!

Just a brief note to point out that there are 3 fairly new sections on this blog:

  • Near-Term Extinction/NTE  **It has several sub-sections; best way to find/see them is to access the section from the list of blog sections that runs along the top of the blog. Hover over the heading title & then you'll see the titles that have been posted, underneath it.
  • Stuff I Shouldn't Post - but clearly have gone ahead & posted anyway!  :)     [Same deal: best way to access is by looking up top & clicking on the heading. Then you see the list of postings open up underneath.]
  • OUAT - which stands for Once Upon a Time. Brand-new, as of today. 3 OUAT entries so far.


So - not all new postings now show up on the Main page. Please do check out these new sections any time you happen by!

Janet :)

p.s. I suppose it's fair to add that I'm posting a lot of "dark" stuff lately. Since these are dark times on Planet Earth, I make no apologies for that. Just determined to continue being a truth-teller! (Heck, it's right there in my job description!!!)