Walking Cure: A Recipe

Ingredients: 1 person, with legs attached Directions:

  1. Start walking! (Dress for the weather; decent footwear recommended.)
  2. Un-hitch arms from shoulder sockets & let them swing a little – feels good to loosen up those arms & shoulders.
  3. Look up; look around! Notice sky, clouds, river/lake/stream (should you be so lucky), critters, trees.
  4. Allow any internal pettiness to subside as you go. (All that “he said, she said” stuff. You know. Watch it gradually blow away as your legs keep moving. Takes a while, sometimes.)
  5. Keep walking.
  6. Give thanks! For life/Life, beauty, this day, Nature, friends, family, music, food (are you getting the drift? Lots & lots to be thankful for, hmmm? Don’t forget to be thankful for those functioning legs carrying you along on your walk!). :)
  7. Keep walking. The longer, the better!
  8. Repeat daily.


Optional Additional Ingredients:

  • “Good” weather: definitely NOT a requirement. (Just came in from a walk on a brutally cold day, myself, & it was a wonderfully awesome walk.)
  • Great surroundings: a bonus; however, not at all essential. Even city streets will do (& of course most cities do have parks). What is essential is simply the legs, in motion.
  • A destination? Not required! Just follow your nose, your feet, your inclination. If there is somewhere you must go, fine! But really, you are walking for its own sake.
  • A good sense of direction: this is a helpful ingredient, but again, not essential. One can get “lost” & then one simply gets “found” again. (This is just life, yes? “Lost.” “Found.” Over & over, rinse, repeat.)



p.s. Understand: this recipe will bear different results on different days. Perhaps in the way that shortbread turns out differently for different cooks, on different days, even. Or the way that baking cookies in humid weather will result in different cookies than the ones baked in cooler weather. Capiche? Keep an open mind. Be in the moment. Walking will almost never let you down… (& it may in time, with practice, turn out for you the way it often does for me. Lashings of sheer joy & gratitude).

Stay with it. :)


‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “The sum of the whole is this: Walk and be happy, walk and be healthy.  The best way to lengthen our days is to walk steadily and with a purpose.” – Charles Dickens [more walking quotes/posts here]