A**holes (take 1)

** A**holes, take 2 was posted here. Yes, I don’t always post stuff in the order in which I wrote it. So shoot me! :)  <Aug. 27/14>

Yes, there, I did it, I came right out & used the word.

(Btw, I just last night read what purports to be my ‘personal proverb’: “First weigh your words, then speak openly” -- said to be an Indian proverb.)

Okay. So I was thinking this morning about a**holes.

Never mind why, names withheld to protect the guilty & all that.

& I remembered being told recently about a book called Assholes, A Theory, by Aaron James, which I am going to ask my local library to get in for me.

& the whole thing is giving me quite a few chuckles. Which is always a good thing, right??

Then I did something really dumb on my way out the door, & called myself an AH.

But then I thought “Nah. I’m not an AH. Maybe just an idiot from time to time.”

I don’t think I’m a moron. Or a jerk. Or a cretin. Or an AH.

(Maybe a dweeb?)

But I sure do know some people who seem to behave like AHs quite a lot of the time.

Maybe most of them are really just jerks???

Jury’s out. I’ll let you know after I read the book. It’s important to get one’s terminology right, right?


p.s. so then I went out for my walk, & on my walk I asked myself this: Do people who are AHs know they are AHs?? This is not what you would call a deeply philosophical question, I know, but still, I pose it for your (& my) consideration. Somehow, I strongly suspect they are oblivious to their own a**hole-ness. :(

p.p.s. & then I kept thinking of more good words. Like ding-dong, & imbecile. & I thought (see above, first p.s.) “Do people who are AHs, weirdos & creeps KNOW they are AHs, W-dos, Creeps?” I’m betting not. But who can say for sure??

p.p.p.s. so this guy on a bike goes by on the boardwalk (well, on the paved bike lane provided) & he’s blasting music so loud everyone within half a mile can’t help but hear it & look around to find its source (namely, the AH). Now is he an a**hole? Or just maybe a moron?? Or, hmmm, maybe just a doorknob.

p.p.p.p.s. & listen. This has just come to me. Maybe the AH who prompted this whole (admittedly amusing if not Earth-changing) line of thought is not really an AH at all! Maybe this person (keeping this all very gender-neutral, hmmm?? Give me credit here, hmmm?) is really just a (very large) pain in the ass.


Okay, okay. I’ll get to work now, I promise.

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change.” – Ingrid Bengis