Walking Cure

Ahhhhhh, that daily walk. The walking “cure.”

Life/the human world is more & more nutso by the day.

Climate change gives every indication of progressing by aggressive leaps & bounds (good site for regular summaries of climate craziness here).

* Today, Sunday, January 4th, according to the weather report I just heard on CBC Radio, the weather is cuckoo across the whole country of Canada, pretty much. :(

I am generally still a relatively cheerful person, mostly – but as I said to a friend recently, this is definitely requiring more conscious effort on my part than it used to.

I’ve noticed that I’m grumpier & on a shorter-than-usual fuse lately. I suspect it’s because of the heartbreak & deep sadness I can’t help but feel about our ever-accelerating trajectory toward extinction.

Some smart & thoughtful folks (e.g. Guy McPherson & Carolyn Baker) I pay attention to say that humanity is in hospice now.

The disease is terminal. There is no way out. No cure.

We are all riding in this bus, you know, that one that is going over the cliff with all of us in it.

So we want to do it with kindness, generosity, compassion & love. If possible.


Works for me.

I’ve been preaching the gratitude & walking habits for quite a long while now. So much so that there are whole swaths of this blog dedicated to them.

It’s not too late!

Start up an active gratitude habit. It’s transformative!

So is a daily walking habit.

I wouldn’t lie to you!


p.s. I only recommend these 2 habits because it seems to me they can help make us more cheerful & more able to get ourselves out of bed to face the increasingly difficult & challenging days.

'Quote of the day' with this post: “A vigorous five-mile walk will do more good for an unhappy but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.” – Paul Dudley White, physician (1886-1973)

** more great quotes about walking here!

** new blog section on near-term extinction here; NTE resources page here