Christmas Day. Beach Walk

<Dec. 25/14> I am tired of picking up garbage.

I never set out to pick up garbage on my boardwalk walks

but as I walk by the water

& see all those plastic-y bits of rubbish

(things that could end up in the water, in some critter’s stomach?)

bottoms of aluminum cans (usually beer cans)

well, you can’t very well just leave it all there??

Too often, those little plastic bags with dog poop in them.

Dog did Job # 1

Dog owner did Job # 2 & put the poop in plastic

But then left Job # 3 (actual proper poop disposal) to non-dog-owning me

wtf wtf wtf????

& the lake is fairly wavy today

but the wind alert is now off – seems it’s been windy all over North America

gotta love climate change, hmmm??


& I walk along


“I am tired of picking up garbage”

but I find pretty small clear stones by the shore

& a really spectacular piece of driftwood

Tree stump, so twisted up & root-y

** Must take photo one day soon, & insert here :)

& I get to the lifeguard station

there’s garbage there too

(garbage can right there, but up high, on the dock, impossible to access)

So I try throwing the coffee cup toward the hole in it

& get coffee all over my (nice, recently-cleaned) coat

& I think Argh. Argh argh argh

Why do I persist in this garbage business??

but I keep going

  • more waves
  • more sand
  • (more beauty)
  • more garbage
  • more cool clear stones
  • more thoughts

& heading toward home now

& feeling pretty good

It’s Christmas day

I am loved!

I am making supper for people I love.

The wind alert has ended

We have not been blown away (yet!)

& I go from the wooden boardwalk

back onto the beach

(having spotted some more plastic garbage that simply has to go)

& then I see the waves cough up

a dead & very sorry-looking fish

onto the shore

It has a chunk out of its torso

(if fish are said to have torsos, & I suspect they are not)

A cancer?

Eaten up by chemicals, toxins?

& I think, Yes.

Yes, yes, yes, it is true

We have poisoned every square inch of this planet

& on this beach walk today

I picked up lots & lots of bits of garbage

Thought many an interesting thought

Saw many cool clear stones

Revelled in the feel of the wind

& the play of the waves.

saw 2 or 3 very cool bits of driftwood

& on rolls the great roller coaster of life!

For now…for as long as it does keep on rolling…


p.s. & the rest of the day might just as well have been some kind of Buddhist exercise in watching the emotions pass through. The annual Christmas emotional roller coaster!

Moments that were, in turns

  • Poignant
  • Grinchy
  • Contented
  • Delighted
  • Angry
  • Sad
  • Happy

With lots of love & gratitude thrown in throughout.

& ultimately?

Plenty of ambivalence.

Such strange & challenging times to be human beans on Planet Earth…don't you find??