Someone else’s grocery list

One day, walking along the boardwalk I picked up a piece of paper

With someone else’s grocery list on it


Fallen out of a pocket, I suppose.


Rather poignant, I thought.

It felt like peeking into some stranger’s private life.



It prompted the thought that

I’ve wound up with someone else’s life


This is sooooo

not the one I planned for

the one I expected



at all ... at all ... at all.



Today may wind up being

the day I planned for myself yesterday.


Everything feels off





All muddled up.


Truthfully, I’m not liking the feel of it, much

But then


It is what it is


Isn’t it?



'Quote of the day' with this post: “This ... dream reminded me of another I had heard years before, in which a man was in a restaurant and ordered a steak; instead he was served a large platter of beans. That dream sounded like a Zen story to me and led me to reflect for a long time on the value of plain pedestrian food, especially when we consciously order up something more special. Life has a way of plopping extreme ordinariness in front of us when we are entertaining exotic gourmet daydreams.” – Thomas Moore in Care of the Soul