No time to say much. Working on other stuff. Just want to give this out as a little piece of advice. A phrase to say inside your head once in a while.

Life cannot be conducted solely by using the keyboards of computers or phones.

Got it?


So once in a while, ask yourself: should I maybe pick up the phone?

And then, make sure the answer sometimes is

Yes. Yes, I need to pick up the phone & speak to

so & so

about such & such.


& then

Pick up the phone.



p.s. this little promotional message for talking on the phone applies equally, btw, to both social & business situations. Okay? Got it?? It's about the importance of conversation. Sometimes only the power of conversation will really achieve the hoped-for outcome(s). Sort through the confusion. Un-tie the knots. Make the necessary connection(s). If you don't already get this, you'll have to trust me. But try it out for yourself & see...