Book & “Bed Day”

<March 1‘09>

Today has been an … interesting sort of day. One of what I refer to as a “bed day.” Sometimes “bed days” happen because I have absolutely zero energy – no “oomph” at all. Today’s, on the other hand, was a sad bed day. I’m occasionally kind of sad over some personal life circumstances. Most of the time, I’m pretty OK, but other times, I feel like I’ve fallen to the bottom of what Winnie-the-Pooh & Piglet would call a Very Deep Pit.

I do know that really feeling the feelings (as opposed to just “stuffing” them) is the only way to get through them (lotsa folks still don’t grasp this, I gather).

So I very gently allowed myself this Very Deep Pit “bed day.”

I read an entire novel, & it had me not merely laughing out loud at times, but laughing until my nose wiggled! (yes, one of my personal little peculiarities. When something is REALLY funny, I laugh so hard my nose wiggles, then I feel a tad on the ridiculous side – & laugh some more. Today, though, it’s only the cats & I, & they didn’t seem to notice or care.)

The novel, btw, is called The Tall Pine Polka & it’s by Linda Landvik. I’ve been finding her novels quite a delight! (I started with Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons – loved it! & then read Oh My Stars! And liked it a lot too. I’ll keep on to all her others…)

Then, I read some of Ten Lost Years 1929-1939 – Memories of Canadians Who Survived the Depression (Barry Broadfoot; quite the book! Sobering – not the kind you read at one fell swoop), & then I realized it was time for a cry.

Tears don’t come to me all that easily (slight understatement here), so I picked up Kitchen Table Wisdom – Stories That Heal, by (Dr.) Rachel Naomi Remen. This book is an absolute gem. The stories in it are full of such wisdom & compassion that it moves me incredibly every single time I pick it up. I can’t praise her book highly enough.

We all hurt; we’re all in pain one way or another – at one level or another – at least sometimes…but reading Rachel Naomi Remen makes you realize you’re not alone in the pain & loneliness you feel; someone understands.

The story “In Flight” does it for me every time – it brought on the tears I needed, & now I feel much lighter.

These are challenging times on Planet Earth; is it not so? I know my life is challenging – & frankly, I positively have “the willies” sometimes at the state of the world.

Laughter & tears (hmm; let’s not forget singing! Last night I belted out some songs while listening to Randy Bachman on good old CBC radio; that too was grand!) – & books...

Well. Thank God for laughter, tears, singing, friends, walking, daughters & books, is about all I can say.

Out of the pit tomorrow, for sure!


p.s. Other books I dipped into today: Learning to Fall – The Blessings of an Imperfect Life, by Philip Simmons; The Language of Letting Go, by Melody Beattie and Still Here – Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying, by Ram Dass.Not a dud in the lot………

p.p.s. 'Quote for the day' with this post: “A book should serve as an axe for the frozen sea within us.” – Franz Kafka