A**holes, take 2

<Dec. 5/14.> ** Yeah, no, take # 1 has not yet been posted. Soon, soon.


Some days

Human beings

  • disgust
  • appall
  • shock &
  • horrify




Other daze, they just

  • annoy &
  • infuriate me [1]


& make me want to write about what a bunch of a**holes we (all) seem to be.

Are we ALL a**holes??

Hmmm. Debatable point, I’d say. One about which I could no doubt philosophize for some inordinate length of time.

But not today. Got other stuff to do, & am already running hours & hours behind.

Today I am feeling disgusted (& angry) at the person who let his/her dog poop on the beach right beside the water (on Lake Ontario), & surely this kind of person is INARGUABLY an a**hole?

(Not to mention a jerk, moron, creep … & so on.)

Thank goodness the waves & the sand & the sky (& the walking) calmed me a little. ‘Cos to be honest, for a while there I really felt like punching someone (preferably the person who left the mess by the water). Which is really not at all the way I like or want to feel…


p.s. I mean what kind of person leaves dog poop right beside the lake?? When plastic bags & garbage containers are widely-widely-widely available all along the boardwalk for just such contingencies? There are also people who scoop up the poop, then leave the bags any old where, right along the beach, right beside a garbage container, wherever.



p.p.s. It’s probably just as well I got into this mood today. I’d been feeling a wee bit smug about being “over” being mad/disgusted/etc. etc. about human beings & the horrific mess we’ve made all over the planet.

(& continue to make, every day, every day every day, everywhere everywhere everywhere we go.)

p.p.p.s. you know, we have richly earned our upcoming extinction. We really have. We deserve it. Big-time.

p.s. # 4: Some days I just ache to say to someone (an a**hole), “Do you have ANY IDEA how much of an a**hole you are???????” Reckon this is true for all of us, hmmm? But… of course, I always refrain, & will continue doing so. One wants not to ADD to the madness & mayhem in the world, after all….hmmm? No point adding oil to the flames & all.


‘Quote of the day’ (because apparently I need to remind myself): “Be careful not to do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily angry, stressed, scared, tired or hungry.” – Karen Salmansohn

Another relevant quote: “If your house is on fire, the most urgent thing to do is to go back and try to put out the fire, not to run after the person you believe to be the arsonist.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

p.s. #5: I'm getting now (finally!?) that instead of indulging my anger, I should have just gone & got a plastic bag & picked up & disposed of the dog poop myself. Sheesh. Sheesh, sheesh, sheesh... :(

This just in! A poopmobile!!

[1] Of course too, sometimes I am wildly inspired by human beings. Of course. Of course of course of course.

** many fabulous/inspiring quotations in many different categories in the 'Quotation Central' section of the blog