Dysfunctional Families 101, & Apologies...

<March 2009>

Dysfunctional families… Holy smokes. I could write a book.

I was going to claim I’m a graduate of Dysfunctional Families 101, but I’ve realized that’s a bit … premature. I’m still merely a student of that very long & extensive curriculum.

And no doubt I risk offending people close to me with these (& various other of my) scribblings. So sorry, everyone.

So, I’ll just leave it at that, now, okay?

Certainly the whole idea of a course called “Dysfunctional Families 101” has a lot of resonance for me. It gives me a good chuckle, anyway.

How about you??

Later same day:


I think today I offended both of my daughters, possibly a brother or two (I only have two, so that’s doing well, hmm?) – & who knows how many readers.

I’m sure some of my ideas are a wee bit…“radical”…to some folks I know, & some I know much less well (or not at all).

If it’s any comfort, everyone, I sometimes offend myself! Or disagree with myself.

I think one thing on Tuesday, & quite another on Wednesday (or even Tuesday evening).

Do you always agree with yourself?? More power to you if you do.

Me, I’m always thinking new thoughts – trying to think “outside the box” – & I’m bound to ruffle feathers. Especially the ones that belong to the people who know me best (even my own, on occasion).

“Familiarity breeds contempt” & all that.

‘Nuff said.

I’ll end with a quote: “In any case, community is not about perfect people. It is about people who are bonded to each other, each of whom is a mixture of good and bad, darkness and light, love and hate.” (Jean Vanier)


p.s. When I meet someone who’s perfect, I plan to send up a flare…