I’ve always wanted to be the sort of person you could describe

During times of crisis

As able to face tough stuff

Without flinching.

But some days, I am here to tell you

I am flinching.

I definitely definitely definitely definitely



p.s. but then, I go for a walk. Or sing, write, do worthwhile work, see friends, Be.Here.Now., do something for somebody (“service”) … & then I am okay again. (Letting go of fear == very very important if one wishes to live a contented &/or even joyful life!! :) :) )

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Don't try to be such a perfect girl, darling. Do the best you can without too much anxiety or strain.” - Jesse Barnard (quoted in my increasingly dog-eared, but still faithfully used Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much, a gift many years ago now from a daughter who thought I did “too much,” I guess.) *** I love this quotation!!!!!


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