Centipedes I Have Known

There are 2 things I have come to really appreciate about the centipedes I have met:

  1. The very first one I ever met (as it were) was, thankfully (as it turned out) dead. I had never seen one before & was (let’s just be brutally honest here shall we?) appalled. So many things about my apartment have taken me rather by surprise, shall we just ever so politely say. I am endlessly grateful that my very first centipede encounter was with one who had, uh, already passed on.

  2. The second really great thing about centipedes? How fast they move. How fast do they move? They move so fast that when I spot one (in the bathroom, or bedroom, as the case may be) & run to the mat by the door to grab a running shoe so I can whomp the darn thing into oblivion, by the time I return to the site of the encounter, the bloody thing has done a bunk & completely disappeared! Those many-many-many pairs of legs clearly offer a heck of an evolutionary advantage to the centipede!! So I never wind up whomping one into kingdom come (as it were), which ought to bring immense satisfaction to the bug-lovers & the super-super awesomely compassionate among us.

Thus endeth my tribute to the lowly centipede, & here’s to our future encounters being as few & far between as humanly (& centipedely) possible!



p.s. yes, I know, I know, I am probably getting weirder by the day. What can I say?? These are indeed strange & challenging-challenging-challenging times here on Planet Earth… :)

p.p.s. a later posting about centipedes, ‘Centipedes: How to rassle ‘em,’ is here.

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Each time we heard the music we marveled again at the beautiful and often familiar melodies, at the purity of sound, at this miracle that was happening to us amid the cockroaches, the rats, the bedbugs, and the stink of the latrines. The music renewed our sense of human dignity. We had to live under bestial conditions, but, by Jove, we could rise above them!” – Helen Colijn, Song of Survival: Women Interned

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