Inconvenient Truths: So Many of Them, Hmmm?

<May 16/09>

I was out in the yard yesterday, digging up dandelions – such an absurd activity, anyway, hmm? Dandelions actually have the potential to contribute a whole lot to the world, & to our health, yet North Americans are so hysterical about them we’re prepared to poison whole neighbourhoods in order to eradicate them… Well, I had better sidestep that rant…

So there I was, digging up dandelions, but, frankly, really resenting the chore (I don’t give a tinker’s dam about having pretty yellow flowers on my lawn, but feel obliged to at least seem to care, for the sake of my terribly, fussy, pernickety neighbours), and I got thinking about “inconvenient” truths.

I reckon there are quite a few of them.

First of all, of course, the “inconvenient truths” about climate change. That it’s human-induced, that every single one of us is implicated (especially and above all, those of us in the “developed” world who use and waste energy so profligately); that nothing short of monumental change will make a dent in the climate catastrophe heading in our direction; that neither our governments nor we ourselves want (nor intend) to really change…

Inconvenient truths about the jobs so many of us do that very clearly place us on the planet-damaging side of the equation.

Inconvenient truths about so-called “prosperity” – that it all comes, has always come – on the backs of people and a planet we have exploited ruthlessly for millennia.

Inconvenient truths about patriarchy’s 5000-year run, and women now having swallowed its nonsense and fallacies so deep, many of us now fail to value female-ness and our unique gifts of life-giving and nurturing.

Inconvenient truths about parenthood: the sins of the fathers (and mothers) being visited upon the sons (and daughters) – and our own failures and omissions and lack of real commitment to superior parenting – all of which bears very, very bitter fruit indeed, all around us…

So many “inconvenient truths,” hmm?

What are we to do about them all??

I write this while fully immersed myself in this whole paradox. I am on my way to Toronto to see my daughter, who is sick. I take the bus when I can, but couldn’t on this trip. I recall George Monbiot saying in his brilliant book Heat – How to Stop the Planet from Burning that “The world could be destroyed by love.” All that trekking all over the planet we do in order to see our loved ones. (Please do read his book – it is eminently worth a few hours of your time, believe me!)

Dear Great Spirit/God/Goddess: how are we to wrestle with – and reconcile – all these terribly, terribly “inconvenient” truths?

Dear me, dear me, dear me…