I am not a stupid woman

I am not a stupid person. At 6 I figured out that man-made pollution sucks.**

At 14, that racism, absurd income disparities & un-earned privilege/entitlement, suck

(Also, that some marriages will not survive; cannot, should not, MUST not)


At 17 or thereabouts, that human overpopulation is likely the root of most problems on Planet Earth.

At 18 or so, that capitalism sucks

& white people’s treatment of aboriginal people in North America was/is/has always been sick & unconscionable.


Consumerism/materialism have always failed to engage my interest.


It took me decades, I’ll admit, to nail the underlying scourge of patriarchy.

(How I’d love to nail it now! Lots & lots & lots of nails!!)


So many decades, I’m embarrassed to admit

to grasp that our governments (& corporations) are corrupt

so utterly utterly utterly corrupt-corrupted-amoral, somewhere out beyond the pale

(probably always have been)

that there isn’t even the vaguest, faintest prospect whatsoever of “straightening things out”


& all our systems?

family religious educational political legal health care social justice

(have I missed any?)


broken beyond repair.

Long long long since broken beyond repair.


I am not a stupid person.

A stupid woman.


Though for a variety of (stupid) reasons

I’ve beaten myself up for decades, believing myself to be.

(Patriarchy sucks, as I've been known to say.)


I have been, it is true & I’ll admit, naïve

& far far far too trusting

Too often, & for far too long.


Life has knocked me down, a time or two, in a variety of ways.


But you know?

I’m still not stupid.


I never was!


& I can see, or shall we say sense what’s coming.

(I haven’t any blinders on)


For our species

Down the road


& I must say

I must say to you

it does not look very pretty.


But then, I doubt you heard that here first.



** when I was 6, we were told in my small town (west of Montreal, Quebec) that we could no longer swim in the lake we lived on because it was polluted. I had to stop swimming in the lake!

* at 14, a formative trip to Barbados changed my view of the world forever (& also, my parents, to my great relief, finally split up for good). It was very very clear to me by then that having money & a big house & belonging to the yacht & golf & country clubs was certainly no guarantee of happiness.

* at 17, a friend & I yakked endlessly about things & decided that the world having too many people was probably at the root of the Earth's problems

* at 18 or so I took humanities courses in CEGEP (community college, basically) that helped me see that capitalism is not all it's cracked up to be. (Heh heh. Good image. Cracked, indeed!)

* & I learned there/then, too, about the scandal of the way white people have treated native peoples in North America ever since Columbus "discovered" America 500 years ago.