New Rules (again)

(The 'again' is because I've done New Rules postings before.)** New rules, that is, post-election, post-Toronto-municipal election [Oct. 27/14] in which the best candidate did NOT win (not in my books, anyway), & in light of my own ever-more-present & pressing awareness of severe planetary climate disruption (& various other dire circumstances).

  • Never go out anywhere, anymore, without both umbrella & sunglasses. Doesn’t matter what the weather’s doing when you go out, it’s liable to do a complete 180 on you, & you’d better be prepared!
  • Treat weather reports as a form of fiction, or myth. Be polite. But don’t trust them for a minute.
  • Expect delays. Whether using transit, or driving your car. Expect delays expect delays expect delays; you heard it here first! (Much more pleasant to deal with delays while on transit; at least you can read!)
  • Drive your automobile in the city as little as humanly possible. This will contribute ever so much to your own greater stores of sanity & patience.
  • Understand: cutting off noses to spite faces bears the same results it always has: bloody faces, scars & excruciating pain. It never was smart, & it’s not smart now.
  • Go device-less from time to time. But only if you enjoy peace & quiet. & occasional brief snippets of calm & peace of mind. (Breathe. Take in some nature: sky, trees, water, critters, clouds. Breathe…)
  • Read funny books. Like Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys. This book slays me every time. Utterly hilarious. Such good medicine.
  • Read innocent, yet wise books. Like those of Alexander McCall Smith. He of the quiet insightful insights & wisdom & humour. No blood & gore, no violence, no sex. Just quiet stories about people you’d love to meet & have a quiet chat with, over coffee. A little innocence is a balm to the spirit in these so-troubled times.
  • Quit waiting around for some magic wand to come along & fix things up. No magic wands, people! (There never were.) Even the pope says so.
  • Slow down. Surrender. Don't stay mad. Let go. Be kind.


 p.s. if you're interested in learning more about the likelihood of near-term human extinction (NTE OR NTHE), check out the Nature Bats Last blog. The frequently-updated posting about climate change could blow your mind. For sure, it will sober the heck out of you. So only go there if you find the truth compelling & necessary. Millions don’t, so if you don’t, you’re certainly not alone! There’s an NTE posting on this blog, here, with a summary of interesting articles & some of my own thoughts on the subject.


(this sure gives me a chuckle; how about you??)

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Quote of the day’ with this post: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – the Dalai Lama (lots of great DL quotes here)

Back-up quote: “Be careful not to do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily angry, stressed, scared, tired or hungry.” – Karen Salmansohn

** ‘Quotation Central!’ section has tons of great other quotes!!