When the Shit Hits the Fan (WTSHTF)

<Oct. 24/14> [WFTSTHTF = waiting for the STHTF]

Regarding WTSHTF:

I suspect it’s helpful to understand ahead of time some things about human nature & how we are likely to react when the shit hits the fan.

You hear what I’m saying?

The other day [other week, now, since I actually drafted this], TSHTF in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada’s “capital city”).

& right away, while it was still hitting (I was listening to CBC radio at the time, kind of by fluke, when I probably should’ve been doing something else)

the false stories started hitting the news circuit fast.

You see, some people may have exaggerated things just a little.

(It is for sure interesting how we humans react to crises & dramas.)

& the funny thing (not funny ha-ha but funny-odd) is, the shit had pretty much hit the fan for me exactly one week before. Personal stuff; details not important (i.e., ever-so-important to me, but not important to you readers).

& what I registered then was

Once the threat lands in, & your heart starts pumping fit to beat the band, & the adrenaline begins flowing like lava

Your brain goes kind of fuzzy.

You don’t/can’t see things quite so clearly,

you see.

Your perceptions get foggy.


& I used to think (once upon a time)

that this kind of fogginess

this circuit-frying deal

(which has happened to me in a variety of circumstances in my life, such as when I’ve witnessed an incident involving violence of some kind)

only happened to me.


That I was somehow defective, a failure

(like many of us, perhaps? I have beat myself almost bloody in this life, blaming myself for this or that “fault,” or “failing”)

& then, a while ago now, I read Malcolm Gladwell's Blink – The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

& it’s all in there, people!


When our hearts start pounding

Our brains get fuzzified


& we can go a little wacky

(especially if we happen to have a gun in our hands. Just ask the families of the all-too-many people shot by the Toronto police, for one small example)

& so, I conclude

Read Blink, people.


Everyone really-really-really ought to read it.

I think so, anyway.

‘cos the shit is hitting the fan an awful lot lately.

& it’s not going to stop HTF anytime soon, I am fairly certain.

So sorry to have to report.

(You didn’t, I think, hear it here first. But if you did, well then, you did. So don’t say you didn’t. OK?)


p.s. lots of good quotes from Blink here 

p.p.s. Chapter 6, ‘Seven Seconds in the Bronx: The Delicate Art of Mind Reading’ is so illuminating, it could just blow your mind. Kinda blew mine, not gonna lie to you.

p.p.p.s. I guess my thinking with all this, is: if we can anticipate how cuckoo some of us may behave in certain situations in which our heart rates go up & our brains kinda stop functioning properly, it might be useful to have more of us able to anticipate, & understand & kind of mitigate things a little. For just one small example, if all the police forces on the planet would read & digest & act on Chapter 6 of Blink, we might have fewer fatal police shootings of innocent civilians. If we think that’s a good thing. & um, I suspect probably a fair # of us do.

p.s. # 4, a few weeks later: Read his book David & Goliath, also. It also has insights for police/security force types. Again, assuming one is trying to minimize trouble, violence & unnecessary civilian deaths. (One is no longer so sure that the folks in charge of nations care even vaguely for doing any such thing. But, you know, whatever.)

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “The shit is no longer hitting the fan. The fan is covered in shit. The shit is hitting the shit.” – Guy McPherson