<July 16/09>

Yikes! (I’m living in a movie set.)

It just came to me that I need to write a blog post called “Yikes!” It just seems like a fun thing to do…

I am sitting out at the back of my house (giving myself a “Time out” day; never mind why) and discovered my ears were kind of waxy, and went “Yikes!” and then thought, “Gosh – I hope no-one I saw today noticed my ears were waxy. How embarrassing!”

It’s an odd time, for lots and lots of reasons, most of which I’m too darn lazy to go into right now and at least some of which no one wants me to talk about anyway (those darn ‘elephants in the room’) and besides – is there anyone on the planet who isn’t entirely 100% aware that this is a pretty “odd” time (to put it mildly)?? I mean…

One of my own current oddities is that I’ve just put my house up for sale and no one has ever seen this house looking so good (at least during my tenure here).

It looks like a movie set!

All my fridge stuff is gone – all those pithy quotations and photos of my daughters and other loved ones and cute little kid drawings and postcards and Chinese fortunes and words of wisdom and such like. My dining room table actually looks like a dining room table – yikes! It’s usually buried underneath a half-ton of paper: bills, articles, books, magazines, notes to myself – you name it.

My office room and bedroom have been scraped and scoured within an inch of their lives, cleared of the usual Janet detritus, I’ve firmly ordered the cats to stop their infernal shedding (Hah! Like ordering a yoga master to forget to breathe) and if my real estate agent has her way, I’ll even be mowing the back lawn. (Yikes!)

And I have to keep up this pristine movie set pretense until we manage to sell this cute little house of mine. Am I really capable of this??

Well, an old friend said to me last week that I am re-inventing myself again – what an articulate way of describing the new life phase I’m embarking upon! – and since I’ve re-invented myself any number of times already in this life, and even though I’m not exactly a “spring chicken” anymore, but an old geezer of 56, perhaps I can! (Actually, I know I can…)

But please don’t bring on the cameras, okay? Under that polished, perfect-looking movie set appearance, you’ll still find little old, very imperfect me lurking – misbehaving and being inappropriate and sticking my feet in my mouth every 25 seconds and roaring around like a bull in a china shop.

I’m still here!

(Still "God," in the Eckhart Tolle phrase, “in heavy [very heavy] disguise.”)