One Day at the Laundromat

<Oct. 20/14> Some days HBs (human beans) just boggle the mind … you know??

So, here I am at the laundromat.

I’m a bit particular about which machine I’ll use here. Don’t like it when the fabric softener dispenser thing still has fabric softener in it. Yuck. (Do you know what they put in that stuff? OMG!) Don’t want that stuff on my clothes, thanks! **

So the washer I tend to use has the least of that crap in it, but often has an inordinate (disgusting? Incomprehensible?) amount of hair in it.

I think someone must come in at night & wash a big hairy dog in the machine.

(Just kidding. But really, I can’t quite fathom how all that hair gets in there. I always bring a cloth from home & wipe it out thoroughly.)

Then there are the dryer sheets all over the floor. (Do you know what’s in them? Pass, thanks.)

Dirty tables. Ucky floors.

People are an endless puzzle to me, not gonna lie to you.


But all that is NOTHING on what those NBC boyz (the Nuke Boyz Club) get up to.

Making energy in the dirtiest possible way possible (waste that is dangerous for 100s of thousands of years?? Really. I rest my case).

& all this while collecting obscene profits

& in Ontario, salaries right off the charts – all at public expense, no less. Your tax dollars!

The Big Boss Man (Tom Mitchell) pulls down (I won’t say “earns”) $1.7 million per year.

No, not making this up.

(Listen, don’t trust me on this! Check out the Sunshine List 2013.)

Chief nuke engineer Mark Elliott (William Elliott in the Sunshine list; is he trying to hide in there, or what?? He is always referred to as Mark Elliott at Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission hearings) is paid $520,000. (There are many more such large salary disclosures, trust me.)

Listen: I have an Excel document Sunshine 2013 Summary Sal + Ben Sheet1 * that shows the total figures on salary & benefits all these darn taxpayer-funded Hydro/OPG employees take home every year. (Note!!! This is only the over-$100,000 crowd. There are all the unders, too. & the NWMO people, & the CNSC people, & the AECL ones, & Bruce Nuclear, & ..... gosh nukes are costing us an awful lot of money!?!?!?)

If this use of our tax dollars is not outrageous & over the top, I’m really not sure what is.

I’m a little ticked about it this morning (maybe you noticed??), not gonna lie to you.

& all this set off by some much more innocent, common garden-variety slobbiness at the neighbourhood laundromat.


Everything sure seems to be going to Hell in a handbasket. Fast & furiously. Faster & more furiously by the day, hmmm?

As near-term extinction (NTE) dude Guy McPherson said recently, “The shit is no longer hitting the fan. The fan is covered in shit. The shit is hitting the shit.”

Uh, kinda seems to be true … doesn’t it?

Anyway, here’s what I say: Let’s get those DAMN nuclear reactors shut down before they pull a Fukushima on us!!


p.s. I know, I know, I know. I know the nuclear biz is all tied up in the military-industrial complex. I know. This is not exactly the easiest target one could choose to work on. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (maniacal laughter).

But heck. A person has got to have some challenge in her life, is it not so??

Quote of the day with this post: “…What part of Fukushima don’t you understand? If you don’t make the modifications [re: safety & emergency planning] you run the risk of destroying the fabric of a country. It happened at Chernobyl, and it’s happening right now in Japan…” – Arnie Gundersen in a short interview on March 27/14.

***** Tons more awesome nuke quotes here & gobs of nuke posts here.

Back-up Quote: “Government is the Entertainment Division of the military-industrial complex.” – Frank Zappa

& “The lesson of TMI (and Chernobyl, and Fukushima)? Shut ‘em down before they melt down!” – Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear

* Note about the Excel doc -- it is a 2-page document; be sure to scroll down for the 2nd page!!

** Letter from friend with info about fabric softener: “Fabric softeners are made from rendered animal remains – and the raw ingredient smells like it. During consultation for EcoLogo labelling, officials of the flavours & fragrances association explained that the manufacturers have to either add fragrance (including phthalates – endocrine disruptors), or for the unscented version they do add a bit of fragrance, plus a neurologically toxic agent to kill the sense of smell. Moms trying to make a good choice for their babies by using un-fragranced fabric softeners are putting their infants to sleep on a surface impregnated with a neurotoxin. It should be illegal. My advice – never use any fabric softeners. I don't use them. I understand that you can get balls that you put in the dryer that help. Some people (myself included) put vinegar in the fabric softener space in the washer (well, I often don't bother, but when I'm feeling fancy I do...). Leaving the towels out in the rain is great, when there is a good downpour, as long as the clothesline doesn't fall down and they get all muddy. Voice of experience.” [My friend is a Ph.D. environmental health researcher btw. She knows her stuff!]