People in Toronto will know what I mean, I think, when I say it’s been a bit like living in a swamp here for, um, about four years now. & now we’re in this municipal election campaign.

The possibility is being offered to us to climb out of the swamp.


How do you climb out of a swamp?

Well, you look around

& try to find some allies

The sort of people who care.

Who want to work to get out of the damn swamp

(to get everyone out)


Who offer real alternatives

& who have the intelligence & political & life experience

to inspire trust.


One could stay down in the swamp forever

(Some people are eternal swamp-dwellers, hmmm? I know a few of those)

Arguing about “who” got everyone there

Who did what to whom

In the long-ago (or even more recent) past




He said, she said …you know.


Never actually getting beyond belly-aching

To actually start getting things DONE


Those kinds of activities will not get us (or anyone) out of this (or any other) swamp


So they are not the activities I would recommend.

I recommend that we all work together to get out of this swamp. (& all the other ones, too.)



p.s. I’m voting for Olivia Chow for mayor. She’s a warrior – the right kind of warrior. The swamp-exiting kind. A leader out of swampy-type messes.

& she needs ALL of our help

In order to help ALL of us.

Please vote!! (Help with her campaign too! Check out her site for opportunities. Lots to do this coming week!! Helping on the campaign feels good.)

***** & as Ms. Chow says, do not vote out of fear! We don't get what we want & need when we base our decisions on fear.

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.” – George Jean Nathan, 1882-1958

** Lots of great quotations about politics & democracy here

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