Climate March - NYC Sept. '14 (1)

I was there! It was a blast!! Lots more to say. For now, just inserting some links for articles about it.

** Note - I've been adding in new items since I first posted this. Lots more here now!! Adding in latest items up on top.

More later… soon.

* Peoples Climate Wrap-up from - 2 minute video (Sept. 24th)

** Gorgeous global march shows how to win the climate fight. Huge environmental action in New York teaches us that the answer to change lies with the grass roots. -- Harvey Wasserman

** Voices from the March - Amy Goodman, Democracy Now (YouTube - live coverage) -- must-see!! Sting, Robert F Kennedy Jr., others you must hear!!

'Beautiful': 400,000 March in NYC for Climate Action (Common Dreams)

300,000+ Demand Climate Action Now at Largest Climate March in World History (Eco Watch)

The largest climate march in history(msnbc)

More Than 310,000 People Descend On New York To March For Climate Action (Climate Progress)

Aerial Drone Footage of March(from Democracy Now)

After Historic Climate March, Supporters Flood Wall Street(msnbc)

Photos: Over 100 Arrested After Flood Wall Street Shuts Down Broadway

Inside the Biggest Climate March in History(Mother Jones)

Business as Usual in Manhattan - How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign(CounterPunch)


Flood Wall Street


Great March shot