Not. Okay, I gave it away. It wasn’t, definitely wasn’t, the worst camping trip ever.

But the weather sure sucked!! :(

Most rain I’ve ever experienced on a camping trip. By a long shot. (I’ve been extraordinarily blessed in this regard in the past, clearly.)


I got to swim over to the beautiful lichen-covered, pine tree-surrounded rock – the one you see at the top of this blog – & say hi.

Heard & saw lots of loons/loon-calls. (I love the sort of little chuffing noise they make when they’re just sort of puddling around – the more spectacular call they do too, of course – but I get a real kick out of the “hey, dudes?” noise (or whatever it is) they make.)

More wind & water (of the falling-out-of-the-sky variety) than one is strictly keen about on a camping trip.

But also?

  • Good food
  • Good friends
  • Conversation
  • Laughs
  • Campfire chat
  • The usual camping trip cooperation & camaraderie.


Didn’t experience that awesome “buzzed” sensation I got last year. (You can’t just “order up” that sort of thing, I’m afraid.)

Also didn’t lose anyone while walking a portage.

& did walk a couple short portage routes, just for the outing/exercise. Very nice – except for the mosquitoes who apparently did not get the memo that we choose to camp in August so as to avoid the bugs. Ahem.

So. We cut it short this time due to the rain & unseasonably cool weather.

& not sorry

at all at all at all

that I/we went.

Still love sleeping outside, on the ground, in a tent.

Listening to the wind in the pines.

Very grateful my tent doesn’t leak!

& also very grateful for awesome friends. :) :)


Back to reality!


p.s. all canoe trip postings on this blog now gathered up in one spot, here.

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