Mantras for Today

  1. Expect the unexpected! Always!! (Which is not to say that when it arrives, it won’t still knock me right on my butt…)
  2. Don’t “burn your bridges.” (Not because I might need them again one day, because doing so is unnecessary & unpleasant & more to the point, merely adds to the world’s pain – of which there is surely to goodness quite enough already....)
  3. “Honour your pain”(1) (speaking of pain. Note to self: no need to drown in it, mind you.)
  4. If you feel like a loser, you’re liable to act like one. (Janet: listen up!!)
  5. Be. Here. Now. (That’s an order!!)


(1) Honouring our pain is something I heard wonderful Buddhist scholar & long-time activist & writer Joanna Macy advise us to do. I’ve written about Joanna Macy in various other blog posts. I suspect she speaks of honouring our pain in her awesome book World as Lover, World as Self - Courage for Global Justice & Ecological Renewal; for sure I know she used the phrase in her June 18/09 talk that I attended in Toronto (& wrote about in the post ‘Joanna Macy Invites Us to SHOW UP!’)