Truth – for today

<July 29/14> Not gonna lie to you. Especially with that title up there!

Spirits have been kinda low, of late. Usually my bouts of low spirits last no more than a day. But I’m working on Day 4 or 5 now.    [note: it lasted 6. See p.s. below]

Little Miss Rebecca Sunshine is finding the world a little too much with me, as they say.

Funny, though. The sadness doesn’t really feel … personal, in a way. It almost feels as though it’s something that’s in the air … & if it’s in the air, I really have no choice but to breathe it in, do I?

Collective sadness, maybe. Weltschmerz, maybe?

It’s true that I believe the human race is on its last legs. Which probably doesn’t help my mood any too much. Heh heh. [collection of links about NTE here]

The other day I saw an article about this big hole that’s opened up in Russia.

From that one, I went to a link about being “beaten with a hockey stick.”

In which it states: “The impacts to the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream are ever more severe as are the impacts to Greenland ice sheet melt. Under such a situation we rapidly get into a weather scenario where screaming temperature differentials between the North Atlantic near Greenland and the warming tropics generate storms the likes of which we have never seen. Add in a 12% boost to the hydrological cycle and we get the potential for what Dr. James Hansen describes as “frontal storms the size of continents with the intensity of hurricanes.”

Yikes. Storms the size of continents?

Yikes, OMG & damn.

This does not sound good.

Friends I have still talk about how they worry about the mess we’re leaving “for our grandchildren.” (Some of us in my social circle(s) don’t yet have grandchildren, but a great many of my friends do. I guess I can see why the grandparent-y ones can’t face the possibly imminent demise of our species in quite the way I, grandchild-less, am doing.

As for the “messes,” is there really anyone who believes we can actually sort all this stuff out? Clean it up?

I mean, really?????)

So. Low spirits.

Maybe I’ll break out the books I think might offer comfort in hard times. This “personal” mood of sadness, & the Reality that is confronting us. Barrelling toward us at great speed, one can only conclude.

Anything Pema Chödrön, for starters. Maybe especially When Things Fall Apart – Heart Advice for Difficult Times (1997).

Pema - Sky image copy

Maybe Learning to Fall – The Blessings of an Imperfect Life, by Philip Simmons (written when he was still alive & dealing with ALS & the awareness of his own fast-approaching death).

& Navigating the Times of Change – Stories from Science, The Sacred, and a Wise Planet, by David La Chapelle.

Grateful that I have these great books right on my own bookshelves.

(& a lovely library a mere 10-minute walk away.)

& a daily walking habit!!

Looks like challenging times ahead. Off I go for a walk!


p.s. those “up” for some hard truth-telling about the state of the world & our species might want to check out the ‘Nature Bats Last’ blog. Listen to one of Guy McPherson’s lectures or interviews. You can write him off if you like – or mosey around the site & check out the thoughtful stuff available there.

I find his truth-telling compelling, if not exactly easy medicine to swallow. I like his repetition of the idea of living “lives of excellence.” Such good advice.

As for feeling (more than) a little bit sad about it all, that’s okay. Sadness is real. I’m allowed! There is quite a lot of very, very sobering stuff taking place on Planet Earth at this time. To put it very mildly indeed.

p.p.s. so, my seriously “down in the pit” thing lasted 6 days. A lot longer than usual for me. Not sure why I went in, or why I got out again. I do find it always helps to just be honest about the moods, & the feelings, for sure. So many of the writers I like best talk about being honest about our emotions - being real.


Good writers somehow help me feel as though I can breathe again… you know? & as far as that goes, while I’m not as extremely down in the pit as I was, life does seem pretty pit-y these days. These are challenging, challenging times to be a human bean on Planet Earth, I hafta say. I am grateful for my gratitude, walking & reading habits. They help me a lot. (As do worthwhile work, friends/family, food, music & beer!!)


‘Quote of the day’ with this post: Why are we here? “We are here to help each other through this, whatever this is.” – Mark Vonnegut, son of writer Kurt Vonnegut

** lots of great quotations about truth here

4 Rules for Life: Show up. Pay attention. Tell the truth. Don’t be attached to the results. – Angeles Arrien, U.S. teacher, author (1940 – )