Thorium & Small Modular Reactors: Solutions? Not.

One keeps hearing the thorium thing being trotted out. If not that, it's "small modular reactors." Well, I'm no expert on either of these - & am hugely skeptical about nuclear "solutions" that just perpetuate the same decades-old problems.

This posting consists of a list of debunking info items on these two.

Read away!

THORIUM - WHY NOT? Here's why not:


** If you do an Internet search using the phrase "why not thorium?" a TON of stuff comes up. Lots & lots of items as to why not!

Small Modular Reactors: Why not? Here's why not:


** Another great resource = Nuclear Roulette - The Case Against a "Nuclear Renaissance" by Gar Smith.

'Quote of the day' with this post: “Nuclear energy is unnecessary, uninsurable, uneconomic, and most importantly, unsafe. The fact that it continues to exist at all is a result of a ferocious lobby, enlisting the autocratic power of government, that will not admit that its product is unfit for use in the modern world. Let us not allow the lessons of Fukushima to be ignored.” ~ Ralph Nader

 ** tons more great nuke quotes here

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