Plastic Patrol

Just returned from plastic patrol – aka my daily walk along the boardwalk (our awesome wonderful Beaches boardwalk along Lake Ontario, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Picked up 10 or 20 bits of plastic garbage along the way & threw them into one of the many many many garbage bins placed all along the length of said boardwalk (i.e., no reason whatsoever for there being all these stray bits of garbage strewn all along the way).

Can’t for the life of me get inside the mind of the sort of person who has the smarts to go to lovely places like beaches & things, but not the smarts to not mess things up while there.




Sitting at my kitchen table yesterday working, & a bird lands in the tree just outside the window. Carrying a very long piece of plastic in its beak.

I ask the bird “WTF? What do you want with THAT??”

The bird does not answer.

I give him/her some unsolicited advice (& I want you to know, I am very, very careful not to give unsolicited advice 99.9% of the time) through the window:

“Hey, Birdie. Ditch the plastic already.”

A few moments later, s/he does! I guess it didn’t turn out to be a tasty morsel of food or any good as nesting material.


Have you seen the plastic garbage gyre in the ocean? Check it out. It’s liable to make you feel sick. (Just do a search on plastic garbage gyre in ocean.)

How about those damn plastic things six-pack cans of beer come in?

Not good for turtles & other living things.

Okay. Time to get to work.

More “plastic patrol” tomorrow, no doubt!


p.s. I didn't set out to do this plastic business, you understand. I just can't stand the thought of all that stuff maybe landing up in the know??

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “That plastic-lined abomination. That plastic will still be cluttering up the surface of the planet when everyone alive today is dust. Disposable!  They are about as disposable as nuclear waste.” – Author Anne Cameron on disposable diapers in Stubby Amberchuk & the Holy Grail, 1989