The Dust is EPIC!

& other tales from my dysfunctional apartment

So, I need to use my blender ... which I have to haul out from its very inconvenient resting spot under the sink, & wash before using; the dust here is epic, shall we just politely say (& not in a nice way)

So I do all that

& now it’s time to plug it in

So I un-plug the fridge

(Yeah, if you leave the fridge plugged in & plug in a “small appliance” like a toaster or coffee grinder or something, you’ll blow a fuse)

Of course I could use the outlet over by the window – but there’s no counter-top there to set the blender on

Or, I could use the outlet in the bathroom (which is where I generally plug in the coffee grinder) but … no counter top

& I just chuckle at it all

‘cos actually I am crazy about this apartment, myriad dysfunctionalities notwithstanding (location, location, location :) ).

& I reflect on my messy (still-couch-less!) living room...

that in many parts of the world today a room of that size would be used to sleep 10 or 12 people (or more!)

who would be mighty grateful indeed for its warmth, comfort & safety

& who would not even notice petty nonsense like dust & half-dysfunctional electrical outlets.

You know what I'm saying??

Gotta keep things in perspective, hmmm?


Quote of the day’ with this post: “Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

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