Get Political. VOTE!!

Provincial election time here in Ontario. Not gonna lie to you. I’m a fan of the Green Party (a BIG fan).

You can read their platform here. Check it out. Please!!

I will vote Green.

You vote whatever you like – but please, for the love of … democracy …



p.s. there are a lot of things I like about the Green Party. One of them is that they are not about the politics of division. It's about all of us – doing what's best for ALL of us. Also, Greens recognize the world & the politics we need are about cooperation, coalition, community, caring & consensus. Oh, I almost forgot CONVERSATION. We need to talk about stuff in order to figure things out. It's not about some bigshot pronouncing from on high, telling us all what to do, & what's best for us. It's truly a grassroots-driven party. With amazing, integrity-filled leaders, & candidates. Check them out, people!

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”George Jean Nathan, 1882-1958

Top Runner-up for Q of the Day: “People will say with pride: ‘I’m not interested in politics.’ They might just as well say, ‘I’m not interested in my standard of living, my health, my job, my rights, my freedoms, my future, or any future.’” – Martha Gellhorn

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