Pickering: Flirting with Disaster (2) -- what's missing?

Here is a short list of important things notably NOT discussed at the Pickering hold point “public hearing” on Wednesday, May 7/14. Things that did not hit the agenda or the radar screen; did not make it into the discussion.

  • Health concerns/impacts – absolutely, entirely, 100% un-discussed
  • Impacts on Lake Ontario: on fish, wildlife, water quality, possible climate impacts
  • The very long shopping list of problems with the Pickering reactors submitted by Dr. Frank Greening, former OPG employee (his lengthy submission can be found here). His submission was dismissed so very very very cavalierly by OPG staff, it occurred to me later in the day, that it was almost absurd – & certainly very very very suspicious indeed
  • Tritium / tritium leaks
  • Waste (of which there is plenty-plenty-plenty at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station); check out the figures here in Table 1, Page 3.


p.s. Transcript now available here. Check it out! See how the body charged with "nuclear safety" does its work.

p.p.s. Listen -- this stuff can give you heartburn (or worse) & make you despair. But have a laugh -- watch Canada's funny man Rick Mercer's tritium spoof on Chalk River. Here, & only 1 minute long, but guaranteed to make you laugh out loud!

‘Quote of the day’ with this post:  “What Dr. Gerstein shows is that reasonable people, who are not malicious, and whose intent is not to kill or injure other people, will nonetheless risk killing vast numbers of people. And they will do it predictably, with awareness …  They knew the risks from the beginning, at every stage … the leaders chose, in the face of serious warnings, to consciously take chances that risked disaster … Men in power are willing to risk any number of human lives to avoid an otherwise certain loss to themselves, a sure reversal of their own prospects in the short run.” – Daniel Ellsberg, quoted in the Marc Gerstein book Flirting with Disaster – Why Accidents Are Rarely Accidental (also quoted by Arnie Gundersen in the Greenpeace report Lessons from Fukushima)

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