Three Mile Island: 35 years

The anniversaries of the Chernobyl nuclear accident (April 26, 1986) & the Fukushima accident (March 11, 2011) are so firmly embedded in my mind now that I could never forget them. With respect to the Three Mile Island accident, this is only newly the case.

Today marks the 35th anniversary of that accident. I am sorry to say I was not paying much attention back then. Teensy bit all caught up in my own little life at that point.

Recently I’ve been learning more about it.

Here are some sites useful for learning more about that accident on March 28, 1979.

  • A book by Libbe HaLevy called Yes, I Glow in the Dark! was released recently. It’s about her life since the TMI accident, which she happened to be not too far from when it took place. Her Nuclear Hotseat site will give you the info on her book!
  • Beyond Nuclear. Tons of great info about all things nuclear in general + a 6-page newsletter about the Three Mile Island accident here.
  • Fairewinds sitehas quite a bit of information about TMI here. And also here. Of course there is tons of other great info on the site also. Check it out, people!
  • Sierra Club blog posting
  • Three Mile Island Alert



‘Quote of the day’ with this post: "The lesson of TMI (and Chernobyl, and Fukushima)? Shut 'em down before they melt down!" – Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear


“It’s impossible to totally prevent any kind of accident or disaster happening at the nuclear power plants.  And so, the one way to prevent this from happening, to prevent the risk of having to evacuate such huge amounts of people, 50 million people, and for the purpose, for the benefit of the lives of our people, and even the economy of Japan, I came to change the position, that the only way to do this was to totally get rid of the nuclear power plants.”former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan

Toshimitsu Homma of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency stated recently [April 2013 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada] at an international conference on Emergency Management that the most important lesson of Fukushima was that before the accident, “There was an implicit assumption that such a severe accident could not happen and thus insufficient attention was paid to such an accident by authorities."

** btw, gobs of great nuke-related quotes gathered up here!