Keeping the Lid On – Blowing the Lid OFF…

<May 25/09>

I was lying on the couch at a friend’s cottage one weekend recently, looking over at the door I had carefully locked the night before - feeling slightly foolish for having done so (we were far more likely to encounter bears, raccoons or chipmunks than any dangerous human intruders) - and the thought came into my head, “Yep. We’re very, very careful to lock the doors, but the prowler/intruder is inside the house. Inside our heads.”

Most of our problems are self-induced. Mind nonsense. Mental self-abuse, essentially.

Then, this morning, out on my walk, I noticed how incredibly fussy the people in my little town are. Yards are so “just so.” Fertilized and fussed over & mowed within an inch of their lives (literally!).

In this town (and no doubt thousands of others like it), everyone is very, very careful to “look good” & “keep the lid on.”

I have a notion we use up so much psychic energy always “keeping the lid on” that there is very little left for some of the more, shall we say, lid-blowing-OFF-type activities that would very likely do the human race a whole lot more good right about now…

To properly face the climate crisis, for example, we’d need to “blow the lid off” for sure. We’d need to actually change our attitudes & then our behaviour; for sure, change our politicians & transform the political process. And so much of what constitutes human endeavour on the planet.

What an adventure that would be!!!

Well. ‘Nuff said. As always, I’m the excessively honest person who speaks up and says crazy things like this, instead of just ignoring that “elephant in the room” around which we’re all so carefully tiptoeing, pretending we haven’t spotted it at all...

I say, let’s blow the darn lid off!!!!