What a WASTE!

<April 2009>

Now, I’m an environmental activist. And of Scottish descent. McNeill, hmm? Duh…

I’m a born “cheapskate.” Raised “on the cheap” & required by life & circumstances (& genetic endowment) to be tight with a penny. I’m very good at this.

I also abhor waste of any kind. Again, this is very likely the result of both genes & upbringing.

Yet I know some people who are such skinflints, they make me look like a spendthrift by comparison! (I consider myself pretty generous with my charitable donations, btw, considering my teeny-tiny – & I do mean teeny-tiny – income). I know some people who’ll obsess over a dollar or fifty cents or … any amount of money, really, & who get all pinched & anxious-looking when the subject of money comes up…which it tends to do rather frequently in this extremely money-obsessed culture of ours.

Often, in my experience, it’s been men who seem to be so incredibly, mind-whackingly tight. I haven’t yet come up with a theory about this, but give me a little time, & I will! (Some of them might want to consider reading 'Ditching the Poverty Mentality' & see if that helps, hmm?)

Anyway, as I say, I do abhor waste of any kind. It’s painful watching our wondrous, beautiful, incredible Earth being polluted within an inch of her life (that’s about how extreme it’s become, I’m afraid).

What pains me equally is watching human beings – so darn many of us – wasting our God-given/Universe-supplied potential.

We run like rodents on a treadmill – racing...racing...racing toward … toward what?

The next dollar, the next purchase, the next………… what??

Well. Tooker Gomberg, an amazingly inspiring environmental activist, once said, “It’s time for the passion for change to rush over the planet like a tidal wave.”

Is it not so??

Let’s at least try to live up to our really quite vast and awesome potential, shall we?

Pretty please??


p.s. added in much much later: lots of quotations about change can be found here

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