Getting High

<Oct. 16/13.> I'm very fortunate in that I feel I “get high” pretty often. Pretty readily. (I like to joke that I’m a “cheap date.” Easily amused. Easy to please, easy to make laugh. Though there may be some who would debate this. )

(& btw, like Toronto’s rather controversial mayor, Rob Ford, I can say with truth that, once upon a time, I used to get high quite a lot. In my very-very-very much younger days. Decades ago, in my case. Smoking marijuana used to be a lot more fun. Yech! It’s much too strong these daze, & it actually just turns me off now. Bummer. )

Anyway, here are some things that get me “high” these days on a fairly routine basis:

  • Singing
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Time with friends / loved ones
  • Nature in its myriad forms & manifestations – esp. water & waves & trees & birds (etc.etc.etc.)
  • Walking 
  • Writing
  • Protests
  • Feeling/being useful
  • Generous impulses
  • Little kids
  • People
  • Piano riffs in music I’m listening to
  • Doing a good job / working at something that matters
  • Getting out of the city
  • Getting back to the city
  • Heron sightings
  • Owls hooting
  • Wolves howling
  • Etc.



p.s. I get low, too. Being merely human & all. Don’t we all?? Just had a day the other day that I described to friends as a ‘Lost Day.’ Shoot. Given the state of the world (check these out: Guy McPherson in Colorado & 'Fukushima: far worse than global warming'), I’d have to guess we all have an occasional Lost Day. We’d have to be pretty deep into denial to NOT have the occasional one…don’t you think??

p.p.s. meant to post this a while ago. Good day to do it today, though. More Rob Ford (Toronto’s wildly controversial mayor) kerfuffle -- & I got pretty high walking along a very-very windy boardwalk & beach with wondrous waves washing & crashing… 

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” – Vernon Howard (more quotes on success here)


“In the end, we realize how simple life is when we accept this moment, just as it is, without pretending to be other than who we are.” – Richard Miller

“Life engenders life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich.” ~ Sarah Bernhardt, actress (1844-1923)