DGR: Humour

(Not. Well, sort of … pretty hard to see the humour in any of this, really :(  )

& btw, all acronyms are explained down below ... just scroll down)

<Sept. 25/13>

** this posting is not even remotely timely, for which I offer a mild apology. Reason? Life is a busy-busy affair, you know? So this posting is not timely & that, as they say, has to be that.


So off we went to the DGR

the DGR

the DGR



Where we heard the CNSC

& the OPG

& the NWMO

talking to the JRP


& we could have talked to the OPP

They’re very friendly

(they’re into building relationships, don’t you know)

but the OPP hadn’t knocked on our doors…


then too

we know if an emergency happened

we might hear from the OPP


For sure, the dudes from the EMO

Or maybe the DEMO

Or the dudes from the BNGS

(all depends on which nuker blows)

Would be talking to the OPP

(or maybe the DRPF

Like I said

All depends on which nuker blows)


They’re all pretty smart, eh?

They know all about the PNERP

& the DNERP

(they work at the PEOC

& the DEOC)


& it’s all so much FUN

(no acronym intended here)

when it isn’t making you feel sick, despairing or crazy…

or wanting to WIPP yourself

Trying to get straight which government department (& whether provincial or federal?) is responsible for which little piece of the extraordinarily large pie it seems to take such a wildly inordinate # of government departments to manage, can be very very challenging indeed

We could run a contest maybe?

How many government departments

How many bureaucrats?

How many offices & municipal &/or regional &/or federal government locations/installations

Does it take to “support”

This wildly wildly wildly complex

& wildly wildly wildly dangerous



** On the fun side, a kangaroo showed up & did a few dance steps while carrying a sign that said “Kangaroo Court In Session.” Someone took a photo:

** Kute, Klassy Katie Kangaroo Komes to Kincardine

After all, we all need a little FUN & some laughs occasionally...hmmm??

Acronym Explanations:

BNGSBruce Nuclear Generating Station

CNSCCanadian Nuclear Safety Commission (oxymoron alert!)

DEMODurham Emergency Management Office

DEOC (I just made this one up ‘cos surely there ought to be a DEOC? I mean, there's a PEOC, why not a DEOC??)

DGRDeep Geological Repository  (or DUD – Deep Underground Dump) for nuclear waste

DRNERPDurham Region Nuclear Emergency Response Plan

DRPF – Durham Regional Police Force

EMOEmergency Management Ontario 

JRP Joint Review Panel 

KKK – Katie Kangaroo in Kincardine

NWMONuclear Waste Management Organization 

OPPOntario Provincial Police 

PEOCProvincial Emergency Operations Centre

PNERPProvincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan

WIPPWaste Isolation Pilot Plant  *** this kind of blew up later. Check media reports here.

** Sign petition in opposition here 

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “I am shocked that we still operate under a long discarded idea that we can solve our planetary pollution problem by adopting the practice of out-of-sight-out-of- mind. We have to stop using the ground, air or water as a repository for our toxic wastes. It only provides a short term illusion that we have solved what will become a long-term disaster.” – Dr. David Suzuki, award-winning Canadian scientist, environmentalist, broadcaster, Companion of the Order of Canada, holder of 25 honorary degrees, and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award (the alternative Nobel Prize)

** Dec. 15/13: ** Webcast & transcripts at this spot on CNSC Web site.