DGR: Media Coverage Summary **Updated often

** Note: Recent items about the WIPP leak issues are being added in because this nuke waste storage facility in New Mexico is seen (by the nuke industry) as some kind of standard-bearer. Like the proposed DGR's big brother or something. But Oops! Big Brother has failed. After only 15 years, no less.  ** Additions to this list of media items are being made often! (Scroll down below the ***** to see recent additions.) ** p.s. on April 1/15 -- not keeping up with the media updating any more; my apologies!

Sept. 10/14. 2nd round of hearings now underway: info/details here!

Dec. 15/13: ** Webcast & transcripts at this spot on CNSC Web site.

Oct. 2/13: ** List of communities with resolutions OPPOSING the DGR here(+ lots of good stuff on the Stop the Dump site here.)

A lot of media attention is being paid to this issue.

Just providing links to a summary of news items I’ve seen (thanks to friends!) since the DGR hearing began on September 16th. 2 previous posts (Courage is Contagious! & DGR: Kincardine-area Resident Speaks Out) have been about the DGR Hearing currently taking place in beautiful Kincardine, Ontario, on the shores of Lake Huron.

(It’s a plan to dump nuclear waste within a kilometre of Lake Huron. For many, it's not the DGR but the DUD - Deep Underground Dump. Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians has said “…this is an act of insanity, this would be a crime against future generations, this is a crime against nature.”  I think Ms. Barlow has put this rather well.)

OK. The news items. Most recent is at the top (I am adding them in as I hear of them).

& please note: At this link on the Save Our Saugeen Shores site there is also a media summary. Not sure if our lists are the same, &  no time to pore over both - best you check both to be sure you see all there is! (This can all be rather confusing: the nuke boyz are looking for 2 nuke dump sites, 1 for so-called "low" & "intermediate-level waste," one for used fuel or "high" level waste. This posting & my others on this blog are about the so-called "low" & "intermediate" level DGR planned for beside Lake Huron, near Kincardine. Check out Know Nuclear Waste for tons more info about the waste search/scene.)


Sept. 24/14. Senate, House both oppose proposed Canadian nuclear waste facility on Great Lakes (the News Herald)

Sept. 19/14. Consensus eludes nuclear dump hearings (Toronto Star)

Sept. 18/14. Sens. Levin and Stabenow co-sponsor resolution opposing nuclear waste repository (abc 10 News)

Sept. 10/14. Former OPG scientist blasts utility’s ‘cavalier’ attitude (Toronto Star)

Sept. 9/14. OPG works to calm concerns over nuclear waste dump (Toronto Star)

Sept. 8/14. Plan to bury nuclear waste near Lake Huron safe, experts say (Globe & Mail)

Sept. 5/14. Flynn accuses feds of blocking WIPP probe (Santa Fe New Mexican)

Sept. 5/14. Nuke Dump Cleanup Plans Expected in 2 Weeks (abc News)

August 28/14. Nuclear waste dump hearings to start in Kincardine (The Voice)

August 28/14. Congressman will unveil major plan to block nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron (The Macomb Daily)

August 23/14. Sen. Phil Pavlov leads outcry against nuclear waste dump   (The Voice, Michigan)

August 18/14. WIPP employee sues over respiratory issues (August 2014)

August 6/14. Lake Huron nuclear dump scheme in trouble: Walkom (Toronto Star)

August 2/14. Michigan legislators, residents protest nuclear waste facility on shores of Lake Huron (Times Herald)

July 16/14. A Nuclear Waste Dump on the Shore of the Great Lakes? (EcoWatch newsletter/David Suzuki)

July 14/14. Nuclear plan unsafe, panel hears (Globe & Mail)

June 27/14. Great Lakes Communities Struggle in Fight Against Proposed Nuclear Waste Facility (Nation of Change)

June 15/14. Closure of WIPP casts long shadow (Albuquerque Journal)

June 13/14. (The Voice News) Michigan Senate unanimously passes legislation opposing Canadian nuclear waste dump

June 5/14. Breaking Bad: A Nuclear Waste Disaster (DC Bureau National Security News Service)

June 2/14. Nuclear Radiation Releases Continue in New Mexico (Reader Supported News)

May 30/14. More hearings in the works for nuke site under Great Lakes basin (Daily Tribune)

May 27/14.  Nuclear-waste facility on high alert over risk of new explosions (Nature - International weekly journal of science)

May 21/14. Michigan lawmakers step up fight against nuke dump (CTV news clip + text)

May 20/14. 53 Million Gallons Of Nuclear Waste May Soon Be Stored Right Next To The Great Lakes (The Huffington Post)

May 20/14. Plan to store nuclear waste near Great Lakes is drawing fire (Detroit Free Press)

May 17/14. Lawmakers protest Ontario nuclear dump  (The Times Herald)

May 16/14. Dr. Gordon Edwards: Maxims for thinking about toxic industries and their waste (The Voice, Michigan)

May 14/14. Scientist sheds new light on proposed nuclear waste site on Lake Huron (radio interview)

May 1/14. County opposes proposed nuclear waste facility near Lake Huron (Huron County View)

May 1/14. Nuclear waste site should be moved away from Great Lakes  Oakland Press (Michigan)

May 1/14. Dr. Gordon Edwards: The eternal legacy of nuclear waste  (The Voice, Michigan)

May 1/14. DOE 'exacerbated' lax safety culture tied to nuclear waste accident (Fierce Homeland Security Newsletter)

April 2014. U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) Accident Investigation Report (WIPP leaks)

April 25/14. What’s wrong with proposed nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron? (The Voice, Michigan)

April 18/14. Proposed nuclear waste site triggers fears for Great Lakes Drinking Water (Windsor Star)

April 18/14. Leak from nuclear waste site would be diluted: experts. (Toronto Star)

April 4/14. Dr. Gordon Edwards, star of Canadian anti-nuke movement, to speak at SC4 (The Voice, Michigan)

April 2/14. Updated map showing communities opposing the DUD (Deep Underground Dump).

March 25/14. Nuclear Waste Panel Wants More AnswersA panel considering a nuclear waste site near Kincardine wants more information following an accident at a site in New Mexico.

March 21/14. New Mexico cancels permit to expand leaky nuclear waste site

March 17/14. Reader View: WIPP accident cause for concern

March 7/14. U.S. radiation leak raises Ontario questions

Feb. 28/14. OPG: Nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron will be ‘harmless forever’

Feb. 28/14. Bruce waste site radiation understated, says former OPG scientist

Feb. 26/14. United Tribes of Michigan Joins in Resistance to OPG's Proposed Nuclear Dump [news release]

Feb. 24/14. Kay Cumbow: Nuclear waste site discussion ought to be open to the public

Feb. 20/14. Trace of Plutonium is detected outside WIPP

Feb. 16/14. Possible Radiation Leak at New Mexico military nuclear waste site

Feb. 10/14.  Update planned on nuke dump

Feb. 4/14The Canadian plan would store nuclear waste items under the Great Lakes

Jan. 16/14. No nuclear waste for two Bruce County communities

Jan. 6/14. Nuclear Waste Decisions Loom 

Jan. 2/14Concerns about nuclear waste dump start locally, reach internationally

Dec. 15/13. Ohio, Mich. riled over plan to bury radioactive waste

Nov. 26/13. Nuclear Waste Burial Site Near Great Lakes Attracts Debate

Nov. 26/13. AP "Big Story": Nuclear Waste Burial Debate Produces Odd Alliances

Nov. 26/13. Proposal to bury Canadian nuclear plant waste along Great Lakes draws criticism from US lawmakers

Nov. 21/13. Don't Bury Waste Near Our Water Supply

Nov. 20/13. Video News Clip of London, Ont. meeting

Nov. 14/13. Toronto City Council passes resolution to stop the creation of a proposed nuclear waste repository on the shores of Lake Huron [news release]

Nov. 12/13. Lakeside Nuclear Waste a risk worth protesting

Nov. 12/13. Dumping on the Great Lakes. Port Clinton Council asked to oppose Canadian plan to bury nuclear waste

Oct. 31/13. OPG asked non-profits it funds to back burial of nuclear waste

Oct. 30/13. SON delivers closing remarks in DGR hearings

Oct. 30/13. OPG looking to bury nuclear waste

Oct. 29/13. Nuclear site is safe, panel told 

Oct. 27/13. Proposed nuclear dump near Lake Huron pushes fears to surface

Oct. 22/13. Mich. Senators to Kerry: Stop Canadian nuclear waste near lake

Oct. 22/13. Senators against proposed nuclear site 

Oct. 21/13. Michigan senators seek Kerry's intervention in Canadian nuclear waste storage site

Oct. 21/13. Ontario Power Generation’s nuclear waste assessment panel: Mission impossible?

Oct. 15/13. How do you safely store 40 years of radioactive waste?

Oct. 11/13Science, hubris and Ontario’s planned Lake Huron nuclear waste dump

Oct. 3/13. Nuclear waste site assessment is “suspect”, critic says

Sept. 30/13. Michigan lawmakers  sound alarm over Canada’s proposal to store nuclear waste near Lake Huron

Sept. 30/13. Michigan politicians protest Ontario nuclear waste site

Sept. 30/13.  U-S Politicians at DGR Hearing

Sept. 27/13Nuclear Dumb and Dumber

Sept. 27/13. Deep Geological Repository opponents getting leg up at hearings, Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says

Sept. 26/13.  Nuclear waste hearing is valid, says OPG

Sept. 25/13. First Nations must speak for themselves, nuclear hearing told

Sept. 24/13. Nuclear watchdog says it warned OPP against visiting dump opponents

Sept. 23/13. Impartiality of Federal Panel Reviewing Nuclear-Waste Plan Under Scrutiny

Sept. 22/13. OPP quizzing U.S. witnesses too at Lake Huron nuclear waste hearing

Sept. 21/13OPP quiz opponents to Lake Huron nuclear dump prior to hearings

Anti-dump activists charge intimidation as police query those planning to speak at controversial nuclear waste hearings

Sept. 20/13. Nuclear waste: Hearings raising lots of new questions. A few days of hearings into plans for a nuclear waste site in Ontario have raised more questions than they’ve answered 

Sept. 19/13. Planned Ontario nuclear waste dump hits heavy weather It won’t be just irradiated mops that are buried in Ontario Power Generation’s proposed Lake Huron nuclear waste dump 

Sept. 17/13.  OPG unclear about nature of radioactive waste: environmentalists

Sept. 17/13. First Nations reveal concern at DGR hearing

Sept. 16/13. Securing approval for nuclear waste site won’t be ‘quick or easy process’: First Nations

Sept. 13/13.  Deep-set differences split OPG and opponents of the proposed nuclear waste site near Lake Huron

Sept. 13/13.  Kincardine nuclear waste site debate heats up

Sept. 12/13. How Ontario plans to deal with tonnes of nuclear waste: Bury the problem

** if I’ve missed out on any, please let me know via a comment to the blog!


** NOTE: Sign the petition to stop this at Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump site

To find all other Hearing Documents (quite a lot here) including daily agendas, transcripts of past hearing sessions & other documents generated by the Hearings, go to the Hearing Documents page.