Batten Down the Hatches

<Aug. 15/13>    Are you familiar with this phrase? (I had to look up the spelling of “batten"; wasn’t quite sure about it.) It’s basically nautical language for “prepare to be swamped, submerged, inundated with water … whatever."

& it’s in my mind right now, as the weather where I am at the moment (Algonquin Park) is a tad unpredictable. (Heh heh. Where is weather not unpredictable, these daze??)

& I thought it might rain & even storm, so I “battened down the hatches” at our camp site, &, as it happened, the storm-that-might-have-been passed us by

(though it may very well have wreaked havoc elsewhere)

& I am grateful the storm passed us by

& I hope it did not do harm anywhere else

& on the whole I think we HBs (human beans) had best at least mentally batten down the hatches

as I think many a storm is heading our way.

Oh yeah.

I used to think I had an idea what battening down the hatches consisted of … & now I am not so sure.

I think what’s coming – the events headed our way – are too numerous & unpredictable – to predict. To call.

So I have no idea, really, what I actually mean when I say “Batten down the hatches, people.”

Maybe, Be Ready for Anything?

Looks to be an … interesting ride ahead.


Always, always, always.

(The only place anything actually ever happens is Right Here, Right Now…right??)


p.s. & I stick by my 2 top life-saving, sanity-preserving habits: walking often, preferably daily, & being actively grateful … also daily! :)

p.p.s. all canoe trip postings now gathered up here, in one spot.

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Bob Waldrop, the man behind the Oklahoma City Food Cooperative