No Spin

<July 29/13> For some reason, today the phrase “No spin” was on my brain.

As I went for my morning walk, I thought

What would it be like

looking out at the world

and seeing it

really seeing it

with no “spin.”

No spin

No speculation

No preconceived ideas

No assumptions

Inaccurate inferences

No assigning/ascribing (quite possibly inaccurate) motives

Just The Real Deal

An empty mind

No mind



Clarity. Clarity is what I am after.

Clear vision.

Quiet is required

Not frantic, relentless, constant, thoughtless activity


Last night as I lay in bed out on the porch, I heard rustlings & scufflings outside in the dark. The word “furtive” came into my mind. That made the rustlings seem a little … scary. But they were only scary because I’d assigned the word “furtive” to them!

The sounds – the critters making the sounds – weren’t furtive. They were just critters, doing their night-time rustling, hustling & scurrying.

No spin.

And then, on the walk, as I thought the words I thought (& wrote) about “no spin,” & thought about clarity – clear vision

I heard day-time rustlings

Big ones

Something crashing about in the woods/brush beside the path I was walking along

“Deer,” I thought (they abound in these parts)

A few steps later, a fence

& behind it, two gorgeous big horses, eying me

I’d assumed the noises were made by deer

More likely, or at least equally possibly, the noises were made by the horses

Spin. No spin.

There was no spin at all about the heron-sighting! 

It flew up in its graceful flight, up out of the swamp

Made a big, wide arc in the sky

& landed right back down in the swamp again

(how suddenly they land!! No long runway for this bird!)

just at a different spot

The swamp smelled wonderful.

It smelled … fertile.


‘Quote of the day’ with this post: The thing is this: You got to have fun while you’re fightin’ for freedom, ‘cause you don’t always win.” – Molly Ivins