p.s. on Aug.6/13: Listen here to Fairewinds Associates Arnie Gundersen share his remarks at the Pickering relicencing hearing. Theme? 40 years & 1 bad day. <from the Pickering nuclear hearing>

For as long as I’ve been attending Canadian Nuclear Safety (CNSC) hearings (on & off for about 6 years now), I’ve been saying that when you’re at one, you really feel as though you’ve gone down a rabbit hole (like Alice, in the Alice in Wonderland story).

Like you’re attending a Mad Hatter’s tea party.

It’s kind of hard to explain what I really mean by this (which is why I’m always saying to people that they really need to attend one themselves, to see what it’s like).

But let me give it a bash.

I think it would be a little bit like this:

Someone in a position of “authority” (e.g. parents in a family) allows the little people in the household to speak up (after they’ve done some squawking about stuff they’re pretty upset about).

Then the whole extended family (a markedly dysfunctional one, I might add) shows up & chimes in with their big authoritative voices (& their power advantages), & everyone bafflegabs things to death for an hour or 3.

Meanwhile, the energy is really kind of going out of the discussion, kind of like the air out of a balloon, & the little people are sitting there feeling kind of perplexed.

& are left thinking more or less




That’s kind of the way it feels.

(but you really have to experience it for yourself!)


p.s. & then, btw, later on, Mom & Dad go on & on & on doing all that same awful stuff they were always doing. Like none of the so-called “adults” was actually really listening. 'cos of course, they weren't.