The Scary Thing

p.s. on Aug.6/13: Listen here to Fairewinds Associates Arnie Gundersen share his remarks at the Pickering relicencing hearing. Theme? 40 years & 1 bad day. <from the Pickering nuclear hearing>

Here’s the scary thing about the people who run things on Planet Earth.

  • Governments
  • Bureaucracies
  • Corporations
  • Nuclear regulators


Some of us (especially a lot of us women) have had this unfortunate & lifelong tendency to believe that other people (especially males & especially people in positions of authority)

are smarter than we are

& you know what?

Some of them are

But an awful lot of them are not

A lot of them are not just as dumb as a bag of hammers (& maybe as corrupt as a terribly shocking number of our politicians & corporate types unfortunately very clearly are)

They seem to think they’re terribly-terribly clever.

& along with this self-deception on their part, comes an awfully considerable amount of arrogance.

& these are the people who run things

(& have been running things for 1000s & 1000s of years now)

It’s scary.


‘Quote of the day’: “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are confident and the intelligent full of doubt.” ~ Bertrand Russell