Kangaroo Court in Session!


p.s. on Aug.6/13: Listen here to Fairewinds Associates Arnie Gundersen share his remarks at the Pickering relicencing hearing. Theme? 40 years & 1 bad day.

Wikipedia definition: A kangaroo court is “a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted.”

I am attending a Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) hearing in Pickering, Ontario.

You can watch it via Webcast live here (not easy to locate this on CNSC Web site).

These hearings always drive me crazy really, really fast. I have a very low tolerance level for bullshit & bafflegab, & it went off the charts this morning right away, as it always does.

So far, these are the things I want to know:

  1. How much money do these kangaroo courts cost? Echo chambers for the nuclear industry & the various federal & provincial government bureaucracies that prop up the nuclear industry. How many taxpayer dollars do these stupid spectacles cost us?
  2. Why does it take SO many government departments & bureaucrats to prop up this obscenely dangerous industry? “Average” citizens would be flabbergasted to know how much government bureaucracy is devoted to providing huge quantities of resources to this hugely profitable & obscenely dangerous industry.
  3. Why does the nuclear industry get to download the response to a nuclear emergency/accident to a bewildering # of taxpayer-funded agencies, & apparently consider its own responsibilities to end at the fence line?
  4. &, of course, why does the nuke biz only have to pay out $75 million in the event of an accident (Nuclear Liability Act)??


There will be lots more that will make my blood boil, & having my blood boil is probably not very good for my health, so maybe it’s time I stopped attending these absurd spectacles.



p.s. they are talking all kinds of B.S. about emergency planning right now. Such SWILL is being spouted that I am in danger of bursting a blood vessel. Oh help!! 

p.p.s. lots & lots & lots of hot air & whitewash here today.

p.p.p.s. also now there have been 2 awesome citizen presenters who have done AMAZING & powerful submissions -- so YAY for that!!  

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “I would no more operate Gentilly-2 beyond 210,000 hours than I would climb onto an airplane that does not have its permits and that does not meet the standards. So, it is out of question to put anyone, i.e. us, the workers, the public, and the company, in a situation of risk in the nuclear realm.”  -- Thierry Vandal, head of Hydro Québec

  ** lots more great nuke-related quotes here