It’s been a revolutionary sort of time! Last week I watched ‘Whispers of Revolution.’  Loved it, learned lots.

Monday night a group I’m involved with showed ‘The 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy.’ I love that film!!  (Have seen it about 5 times; love it every time!)

Last night I attended a Toronto screening of the Rob Stewart film 'Revolution.'

It’s a Wow kind of film – must-see!

Filmmaker Rob Stewart is a passionate ocean-lover – has been since he was 9 years old.

He discovered in recent years that the oceans are acidifying (due to carbon deposition & all tied in with climate change). Coral reefs dying & species being depleted by over-fishing, pollution & acidification.

Passionate about the way sharks are disappearing due to overfishing, he made the film 'Sharkwater' in 2007.

which has helped the movement to slow global consumption of shark fins.

His brand-new film ‘Revolution’ is a stunning panorama of beautiful ocean & forest scenes, accompanied by explanations of ocean acidification, climate change, species loss & environmental destruction of all kinds. Many insights & calls for action from leading scientists from all over the world.

& scenes of activism/activists who are changing the world, changing the narrative.

It concludes with super-inspiring footage about youth activists passionate about preserving a future for us all.

& a success story of a class of kids in Saipan, who got local politicians to take action to stop the heedless destruction of sharks for their fins.

As I watched I felt devastated by scenes of shark slaughter & the news of 400 dead zones in the ocean; tar sands rape footage, which always sickens me (& has moved me to protest & be arrested twice now).

Then I realized the film is not a funeral dirge, it’s a celebration – of the world’s beauty, of the beauty of human beings coming together all over the world to change how things are done. Outstanding individuals, awesome & inspiring collective action.

Please watch the film! It’s showing in locations across Canada right now. Check it out!


p.s. I love what the brilliant Van Jones says near the end of the film. “Be unreasonable,” he says. Be guided by your emotions – by your heart. Be unreasonable. Have unreasonable dreams & expectations. Yes!!

p.p.s. "If you go to one movie this year, it must be Revolution." - David Suzuki testimonial 

p.p.p.s. I neglected to mention that this film has won a whack of awards:

  • Best Documentary at the Atlantic Film Festival
  • Best Documentary runner-up at the Toronto International Film Festival
  • Most Popular Environmental Film Award at the Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Audience Award at the Victoria Film Festival &
  • The fund for Santa Barbara Social Justice Award for Documentary Film , Santa Barbara International Film Festival.