Greedy Lying Bastards

Now there’s a film title for you, eh??? Just saw it last night at the Bloor Hot Docs theatre in Toronto.

An exposé on the big climate change deniers (the top 2 of which are the wildly wealthy/influential Koch brothers & Exxon Mobil) & their tactics, lies & games.

Greedy lying bastards. Pretty apt description, I gotta say.

Using the same game as the tobacco industry did – only this time around, it’s the entire planet that is burning up as a result of corporate (& political) greed & manipulation.

Footage of homes burning…tornadoes…flooding. Interviews with some victims of these devastating events.

The Pacific island of Tuvalu, which will have to re-locate its inhabitants. A town in Alaska, already embarked on evacuation (& wholesale cultural destruction) … thanks to climate change impacts.

A plea at the end of the film to become involved. With a recommendation to visit here & find out more.

Nice touch at the end of the film, when the director was contacted via Skype & answered questions from the audience.

Well worth checking it out!! (probably coming soon to a city near you...)


p.s. there is of course plenty you/we can all do to help put the brakes on climate change & also, most importantly, put pressure on politicians. Here are a few things I personally have chosen to do:

  • compost/reduce/reuse/recycle
  • consume less, conserve more
  • get arrested for climate change/tar sands-related actions/civil disobedience
  • make a personal pledge to stop flying (I’ve broken it once so far, since I made it in 2007, I think it was)
  • own a small, very fuel-efficient vehicle
  • turn out lights
  • turn down the heat
  • use a clothesline & clothesline rather than a dryer
  • walk, ride a bike, carpool, use public transportation


There is undoubtedly more I could be doing, but it sure does feel good to do the things I am doing.

As a young man said to me recently (when I was buying yet another clotheshorse), good habits are hard to break. Wouldn’t it be cool if more of us developed more of the good ones?

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “You can be absurd and reject the science; you can be reckless and say we can adapt to whatever happens; or you can be unethical and disregard the future.” – former World Bank chief economist Sir Nicholas Stern, speaking of Canadian Premier Stephen Harper’s refusal to legislate to slow climate change.

** tons of other great climate change-related quotes linked to on the page here 

Runner-up for Q. of the Day: “The first rule of holes: when you're in one, stop digging.” – Molly Ivins