Helen Caldicott for Woman of the Year! (March 2013)

** p.s. on March 21/13: Webcast of the Symposium is now available here ** p.s. on March 18/13: great interviews here with several speakers from the symposium. An hour of insights about Fukushima, Chernobyl, renewable energy, disproportionate impacts of radiation on women & children, the links between nuclear energy & nuclear weapons, David Freeman admission that "Seeing is believing" (from his trip to Chernobyl in 1991). Plus 2 interviews with Japanese women. Must-see!!


Helen Caldicott gets my vote for Woman of the Year.

Maybe Woman of the Decade (or several decades!).

Dr. Caldicott has been raising a ruckus about all things nuclear for decades now. Look it up! She’s done more to raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear energy than anyone I can think of.

I’m in New York City right now – I came to attend the symposium Dr. C. organized to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Check out Dr. Caldicott’s Web site. I understand that video proceedings of the symposium will be posted soon on this site.

I’d say more (I am very seldom at a loss for words), but am feeling pretty fried right now (also my laptop is just about out of juice).

So watch her site & listen/watch to some of the talks given by people who are the real experts on the whole nuclear scene.

Dr. Caldicott said “The Earth is in the Intensive Care Unit now. and we are all physicians to save the planet. Will we dedicate our lives, like a lioness protecting her cubs?” I think she’s bang on.

David Freeman (former head of the Tennessee Valley Authority & a humdinger of a feisty character) advised us to “kill them [nuclear plants] before they kill us.” He also said “The road to the bomb is the nuclear power plant.”

A great deal of wisdom & good advice were shared during this 2-day symposium - absolutely brilliant speakers. Some doctors, many scientists - a full array of amazingly knowledgeable people took part in this event (all listed here) -- including several speakers from Japan. Their words were very moving to hear, & I will confess, I shed quite a few tears in my time at the symposium. (I believe in this I was not alone.)

We all need to listen up!


p.s. At this link you can find some YouTubes of some of the symposium speakers (look over to the right).

p.p.s. other postings about the 2-day symposium: Fukushima: Making it Personal Quotations from the Symposium

& Helen Caldicott Symposium Summary; great summary of the whole thing!

‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “Child-bearing women (or women intending to have children) shouldn’t live within 5 kilometres of nuclear reactors. Woman and nuclear facilities don’t really mix.” – Dr. Ian Fairlie, radiation biologist

** many other great nuke-related quotes here