International Women's Day 2013

International Women's Day seems like the perfect time to share information about a really inspiring interview I heard the other day. Canadian journalist/activist Sally Armstrong was interviewed by Anna Maria Tremonti on 'The Current,' to talk about her just-released book The Ascent of Women.

Armstrong has long been an advocate for women all over the world, & has been particularly active in Afghanistan.

I recall hearing her speak some years ago now (2003, maybe??) & encouraging women to host potluck dinners to raise funds to pay for teachers' salaries in Afghanistan. A friend & I gladly did this & our friends happily joined us to raise the small amount of money needed to pay for a teacher's salary for a year. What a simple thing to do! What could be more fun than having a potluck dinner that you know will benefit women halfway around the world?? I'd forgotten about this, it happened so long ago, but hearing Ms. Armstrong's voice on the radio brought it back.

Well. It was wildly inspiring (& moving) to hear this interview, in which Armstrong emphasizes the importance of women speaking up. Also included is the voice of an Afghani woman activist who is almost certain to bring tears to your eyes.

The way Sally Armstrong put it: "Silence is violence."

Now me, I'm a big fan of conversation (& speaking up) & just wrote about it here a very short time ago -- saying that in my view, conversation is the whole darn shebang, the whole darn karmic enchilada (as it were).

I'm a big fan of a lot of the same kinds of things the very courageous Sally Armstrong stands for: women, activism, speaking up, changing the world in ways that will benefit us all.

Thank you for your work, Sally Armstrong (& thanks for the book!) Thanks to Anna Marie Tremonti for the interview!

Blessings on us all, on this International Women's Day!!


'Quote of the day' with this post: “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich