Bullies come in all shapes & sizes

Both sexes

Wear many a clever disguise.


Intimidation tactics vary widely

(read between the lines)


Dealing with bullies?

Now there’s a task


It takes more than just grit & courage

Fierce determination


Most of us are just not up to it

Blinded as we are, by our own self-interest

(tripping endlessly over our supposed self-interests)


What do we do instead?


Shoot the messenger

Hunker down

Circle the wagons of privilege & entitlements


(Treasured illusions about “democracy,” “fairness” & “freedom” die hard

Especially when eyes & ears are only partly open)


Watch the games of divide & conquer

The not-so-thoughtful among us are all too prey to


Fear tactics abound.


After all, whose “side” are we on?

(Circles have no sides)


I wonder:

Are we all both the bullied

and the bully?


The colonizers

& the colonized?



‘Quote of the day’ with this post: “We Americans are locked in an asylum for the criminally insane with the criminally insane, and they are armed to the hilt. We are in a dangerous place. Yet we continue to call ourselves free. Psychosis and delusion is not freedom.” – Charles Sullivan in ‘Contesting the Systems of Power