Happy Birthday, Mom!

My Mom would be 93 today if she was still alive. Happy birthday, Mom!!


I was with her when she drew her last breath

That’s when I learned that to be present at a person’s death is an honour

A gift.


So glad I was able to be there

So glad Mom was my Mom!


She had a lot of problems.

A lot of challenges in her life


She went down some pretty hard roads

(My father was a very hard road to go down

Ask anyone who went down that road)


But Mom was feisty

She was strong

She refused to be bullied

Or, well, she tolerated it for a while (a long-ish while, to be fair)

Then one day, she’d had enough


She was a good role model for me

She wasn’t perfect

She made her fair share of mistakes

(can't think of anyone who hasn’t)


But I am thankful she was my Mom


On one of the anniversaries of her birth, I found myself in court

Ironic how one’s life can take so many twists & turns, hmmm?

How someone who used to help “enforce” the law

Would later see the need to resist it.

To challenge “the powers that be.”


My “disobedience” is always very “civil

Violence could never be my way


I use my voice

My words

Sometimes, my body

Sitting somewhere, somewhere I am not wanted

Just sittin.’


Sitting in “protest


I’m not ashamed

Not ashamed at all!

But proud

I’ve sat in some fine spots, with some very fine people, waiting to get arrested.

It’s a lot more fun than you might suppose!


On Mom’s birthday, I pause

I know she’d be proud of me too


Sometimes we really must have the courage to say to the bullies

Stop. You have to stop this now.

It has to stop.

That’s enough.


Quote of the day’ with this post: “May the world’s feast be made safe for women and children. May mothers’ milk run clean again. May denial give way to courageous action. May I always have faith.” – Dr. Sandra Steingraber, author, poet, ecologist, mother, cancer survivor, activist